The Translation Edition of Chinese Classic Won the Brazilian Book Award for the First Time


Brazilian Chamber of Books recently released the list of the 56thJabuti Book Award winners. Poetry Anthology of Tang Dynasty, funded by the Office of Chinese Language Council International and published by Confucius Institute, Sao Paulo State University,won the second prize in the translation category, which was the first time forthe translation edition of Chinese classic to win an award in Brazil.


Jabuti Book Award, founded in 1958, is the most traditional and complete book award in Brazil, as well as the largest one,covering 27 categories including literature, cover, translation and others.


Among the translation awards released by BrazilianChamber of Books, Poetry Anthology of Tang Dynasty (Poetry Collection of Tang Dynasty, Chinese Classical Poetry) is the sole book on classical literature. This book selects famous works by LiBai, Du Fu and other poets from poetry of Tang Dynasty that were translated to Portuguese by the couple Ricardo Primo Portugal and Tan Xiao. Ricardo is a famous Brazilian educator and scholar of classical translation with a great attainmentin Chinese culture. His wife Tan Xiao is a Chinese. This couple has been engaged in the translation of Chinese classics for years.


It’s known that the book was funded by the Office of Chinese Language Council International and co-published by Confucius Institute, Sao Paulo State University and Sao Paulo State University Press. Except for the normal language teaching and cultural activities, Confucius Institute, SaoPaulo State University has been committed to Portuguese translation and publication of Chinese classics. In addition to the prize-winning Poetry Anthology of Tang Dynasty, they have published other two works The Analects of Confucius and Yu Xuanji translated by the Ricardocouple.


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Professor Paulino, the foreign president of Confucius Institute, Sao Paulo State University says in the book’s preface,with the development and growth of Confucius Institute around the world, the translation and publication of the book will help Brazilian people have a deep understanding and knowledge of Chinese language and culture.


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