By now, almost all countries and organizations have been affected by the spread of the Coronavirus. Nations are now expected to collaborate and overcome communication barriers to make sure all citizens receive correct instructions, regardless of the language or dialect they speak.

Keeping up with the new information about the virus and translating any further detail that can help people protect themselves can become a challenge.

For instance, the Department of Home Affairs of Australia provides information about the Coronavirus in multiple languages to make sure all citizens have access to vital information. CCJK translated details about COVID 19 in Tamil, Portuguese, Urdu, Filipino, and Bengali.

For now, the most affected are the language service providers in China and Italy. The crisis affects both interpreters and translators. Translators have the advantage of working remotely, so they can continue their activities within some limitations.

We are your partner for translations of clinical trials, medical reports, scientific articles, and product declarations or package inserts. Medical translation requires 100 percent accuracy. So, linguists need to have in-depth knowledge of concepts and terminology to make sure no detail is added or lost in translation. Our medical translators deliver accurate, technically precise translations and have medical training themselves. Translators can help researchers to communicate the results of their studies and receive feedback.

Get in touch with CCJK when you need a medical translation. We have a network of native-speaking, experienced, and subject matter experts around the world who can respond to your translation needs immediately.