Translation and localization companies have embedded their roots in this globalized world. Because they target the needs of this advanced globe. These companies are providing services from one language to another in the form of video localization, app development, software, and document localization, and many more. They are proving themselves reliable by using the advanced cloud-based translation management system and hiring native and professional translators.

Here is an overview of the 10 top most translation and localization company


TransPerfect is the best among many translation and localization companies in the world. With the experience of over 25 years, this company has completed 300,000 projects per year on average. It has networking over 86 different locations in the world and over 5,000 translators.

They cover eleven major industries that include legal, government, Finance, Life sciences, Industrial, and many more. 170 languages are being covered by this company. TransPerfect uses a highly advanced cloud-based translation management system along with machine translation and translation management technology.


Another topmost company is Lionbridge that was established in 1996. Having 24 years in the field, it covers almost 350 languages. It is an ISO-certified company that offers all the major services like translation, localization, global content management, and many more. Lionbridge team has completed 4,000 projects in 250 different countries. They cover industries like automotive, Technology, Games, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, life sciences, and many more.

LanguageLine Solution

LanguageLine solution comes with the objective to help people in understanding better particularly the deaf and the hard of hearing. Founded in 1982, this company is regarded as the “best company of the year” in 2018. It is the third-largest translation and localization company due to its services in the business field, healthcare department that covers over 240 languages.


SDL is providing content management solutions and language services in their finest form. It was founded in 1992 and is using a leading translation management system embedded with computer-assisted tools (CAT) that help the language service providers to provide translation and localization services fast with quality assurance. It covers 100 major languages. Along With it, its system has linguistic technology, automated processes, and customization workflows for every project.

Medical Translation

Another reliable company in providing translation and localization services is Medical Translation. It covers more than 120 global languages. This company offers a one-stop solution for medical translation and ensures reliable, error-free content in this age of the global pandemic. Due to the rising demands of the medical global world, this company is offering fast and qualitative medical translation.


CCJK specializes in transcreation, translation, and localization services to boost your global expansion. The company helps to cater to your global audience and offers state-of-the-art translation solutions by native linguists in 120+ languages. Moreover, it’s an ISO-certified name that offers the best blend of quality and affordability in a fast turnaround.


With a network of 1500 employees and over 30,000 translators all over the globe, Welocalize is providing businesses with assistance to sustain, grow, and retain. It covers 200 languages in its 24 years of life experience. It is proving multilingual solutions to businesses in this globalized world with the help of its advanced technology.

One Hour Translation

Its fast turnaround time along with its clients’ satisfaction basically placed one-hour translation among the top translation and localization companies. This company’s network has spread into 100 countries and more than 25,000 professional translators who are able to offer more than 3,200 language pairs. It covers 75 different languages by having 11 years of experience.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is an ISO-certified translation provider offering fast, very economical, and reliable language solutions in a wide range of languages. They cover over 120 languages and 2000 language pairs. Also, they offer translation services for 22+ major industries like marketing, technical, gaming and legal, etc. This company has a very strict selection process, and they follow a continuous quality control process.

Straker Translation

Straker Translation is a reliable company that has been in the translation industry for two decades now. It has facilitated the language solution for 50,000 global customers and businesses. 13,000 human translators along with advanced cloud-based translation management and self-styled glossary have made this company set assured standards. It covers 80 languages and covers eight major industries like e-commerce, websites, games localization.

Concluding Note

Conclusively, these ten companies are at the top rank, but there are hundreds who are facilitating the world with their services. Their services have made it possible now to learn to live in peace in this multi-linguistic and multicultural world. Apart from it, many localization management platforms offer an all-in-one solution for providing localization services, like MarsCloud is one of them. MarsCloud is the localization management platform that helps improve the overall efficiency of localization solutions.