Training summary

Since I came to our company, I have organized

trainings of translation tools like trados and Sdlx for interviewees who once came into our company and told me she/he was very glad to be an excellent translator…Here I mostly talked about the recent one….

Last week,I just began to give them invitation-mails sincerely and repeat that our training is just for free for who are very interested in translation.…..About one day later, I have got many replies from them and they were mostly glad to take part in it, one of them even told me she would come clearly as she was free next week.

But when I tell them accurate time and confirm with them if they can come for it at last ,just one of them reply me…To my surprise, some of them add my Qq number and straightly ask me something about training through it…Most of them firstly told me she were very glad to receive this invitation and she can make time to come to our company for it,while ,what would be going on..

They began to reveal their real intention.Most of them asked me if this training just prepared at the beginning of entry our company or if this just a free training with no other meanings. I suddenly had no idea about how to answer it,I feel too surprised and disappointed to say anything, though it was not their duty,I know…..

For a while,I told them frankly that we were just hoping u can get a good study and of course we may ask for your help if needed.So generally a voice like“I will come if I have time” was heard…….There are an another situation .Among the invitees, there are any one who had done part-time job in our office,they said they surly would come…

While when it was close to the promised time, only two of them have come here and one of them just said she would like to get a good study ,another was willing to do a part-time job in our office and after the training she just talked with me what she wanted….These days I also received replies from them that they were very sorry that they really had no time to come but meanwhile they said “would u pls give me related files to learn translation tools or other translation knowledge.”.

Maybe someone just want to get a full-time job not a study opportunity ,though few of them would like to do a part-time job but some of them may have a full-time job now and they just wanted to get the information u can give to them…..I’m clear that this result is reasonable as this activity is not their duty …

Though it is not related to money or other material things, but for the ones who are in great need of a job, it was not so attractive. Selection is mostly decided by need and in different one’s eyes, emphasis may be not the same.But we can optimistically see there already existed someone who is really interested in translation.

Eevn if it was turned to be only one coming for our training, we have to let our lecturers give a comprehensive explain with a conscientious attitude .As in Changsha maybe ,many translators are good in English translation while don’t know how to use tools ,I still think the training is necessary and useful …..