Since trados 2011 has been published for 2 years, and this tools has become more perfect right now, i would like to write some articles to tell you how to quickly get to know trados 2011

Opening and creating packages

1) On the Home view, select Open Package. Browse to the location where the package is saved and click Open.

2) Click Finish.

3) Browse to location you wish to save the project. Once the package has been imported to Studio, click Close.

4) The project will appear in the Projects view, make sure the correct project is selected then go to File view and select the file to translate.

5) Save the files, after having carried out the translation.

6) Go to the Projects view. Make sure the relevant project is highlighted in bold. Right-click on the project. Select Create Return Package, which will launch a very straight-forward wizard.

Directly translate .ITD files without installing SDLX

since sdl tookover sdlx, it is necessary for trados to make compatible upgrade to support sdlx project file (.itd) and sdlx translation memory (.mdb)

you may found that, if you want to translate itd file with trados 2009, the software will pop up a notice to show you that you need to install sdlx first.

this is too much trouble for a project manager or translator.

now, things has changed, what trados 2011 surprise me about is they don’t need sdlx any longer!

with trados 2011, you can directly translate itd files, and import mdb translation memories.

Trados 2009 Compatible

now, with trados 2011, you can create both trados 2009 and 2011 sdl stuido project package file at the same, it’s very convenient for you to send project to translation who has not upgraded his trados from 2009 to 2011.

at the same time, the return package create by 2009 is fully compatible by 2011.

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