It has been one month since I entered this company. In the beginning, I was told how to use BO to record translation projects, not by person, but by reading some training materials. Then I found practicing was not as easy as reading. When I thought I have managed it quite well, things went on the opposite side. When multiple projects were assigned to me, I was in frustration and did not know what to do. After I have done some projects, it seemed to be easy then.

If a project is assigned, the first thing I should do is to record in BO. Then I should consult the resource manager to see if there is someone internal who can manage this job. If yes, then a job assigned. If no, then I should look for outsourced person who provides translation services for our company. Not anyone in BO is useful.

People who frequently provide translation services for us and whose translation is good in quality is the person in want. Then if we have confirmed with the person, the deal is made. Then it is time to deliver the source file, requirements and PO to him/her.

This is the very thing that I must do. Sometimes, as I have to manage multiple projects, some procedures are not done, which resulted in trouble in the future. For instance, once I had an urgent project, and needed help of resource manager. The resource manager helped me find a translator.

Then she told me everything was ok, what I should do is to receive emails and send it to the editor. Then when it was the deliver time, and I asked the editor to deliver the file to me, she said she had not finished. The resource manager asked her to deliver the file to me the next day.

Then I realized that I did not tell her the exact deadline by myself. After that case, I would not forget to clarify the deadline to translators and editors, otherwise some troubles may happen.

There is another thing that I should keep in mind. That is, always remember to find a native translator relating to the target language. If a file is not translated by a native people, the style of the translation will be strange. Also the editor should also be native to guarantee the quality of the project.

This experience helps me do things more smoothly. I believe I can do better in the future.