Writing format and requirements are as follows:

1. Notification title

The written notice is written official announcement or notices, and usually notice is used as the title. Striking sake, with each letter in the form of capital that is NOTICE (the name of the unit, such as notification to uppercase first letter appears above the title of the notice, you have to capitalize the first letter in the form that Notice), and often written in the body of the top of the center position. Title number can also be not numbered. The verbal notification Announcement as title, but usually omitted.

2. Notification unit time

The name of the person giving the notice or units, generally written on the title above or in the body after the lower-right corner. Notification time to write in the lower left corner of the body, can also be a correspondence format written in the upper right corner of the body. However, the two can sometimes be omitted. Verbal notification does not say these two.

3. Notify the body

Text To specify notification matters specific time, place, the generality content (the first sentence of the written notice), to attend the objects and related considerations. The content layout work job content and requirements of the notice should write clearly. The body the general essay can be used, in order to eye-catching ad type can be used. The advertising style requirements concise, a sentence can be written in a few lines, and try to write in the middle of the first letter of each line are generally uppercase.

4. Notification object

Or people generally notice the third person. However, with the title, with the second person said, oral notice is commonly used on the second person said. Requirements or considerations are involved, and they used the second person to be notified of the object (pray so that the sentence is often omitted).

5. Notification style

Written notice to the wording appropriate, statement succinct and writing; verbal notification the wording of expression should pay attention to the colloquial. Usually verbal notice has title at the beginning (to be notified of objects), such as: “Boys and girls,” Ladies and gentlemen, “Comrades and friends”, etc., or reminded the audience’s attention to the statement, such as “Attention, please!” “Your attention, please!” “May I have your attention, please?”, etc., and preferably have Concluding remarks such as “Thank you (for listening).” to show courtesy.