Nowadays, businessmen use fashionable languages for conversation in the conference, which is not like the inflexible and outdated ones used in the old time; however, lots of people still use the old writing mode in business writing. The below is the five weakest links we should pay attention in your business writing.

1. So many old fashioned expressions are used. Many expressions such as “please informed”, “kindly be advised”, “I would like to bring to your attention” and “I am writing to advise you” should be got rid of. These expressions have been used by many people for many times, so they must be boring and unattractive. Why not add some vigor and fashion in your letters.

2. So many long-winded expressions. Long words, long phrases or long sentences are never interesting; instead, they will make the reader confused. Therefore, we should follow a principle of KISS (keep it short and simple). For example, “buy” is better than “purchase” for understanding, the same with “start” and “commerce”.

3. Let’s get more active. People use passive voice because they are not willing to make it clear that who should be take full responsibility for the job; people use long sentences because they don’t want to disclose the affairs directly. In fact, business writing should be clear and have the key to the point. Therefore, active voice is strongly recommended for business writing.

4. Colons, colons, colons Lots of people prefer to use colons in their writing, which actually is not a wise action. Colons make your passage look not so clean or in good order. We should always make our writing look neat and tidy.

5. Thank you. It seems that “thank you” is used by all people for all letters in the end. Why not discard the old phrase and try some new ones, though showing your appreciation is very important. Readers will feel cheerful for the different expressions.

The above is some points which I think should draw your attention to make perfect English business writing.

If you have any good ideas, please do not hesitate to let me know. Write to me at [email protected]