We arrive Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu province at 9th January 2017.

And we have a brief meeting there with President Chen, Vice President Ma and director Guo of Southeast University , then we signed a contract with them officially.

After that, we directly head for another Campus at Suzhou, a beautiful city which is 200 kilometer from Nanjing. It was the place we were going to give lecture, and the target students are MTI of Southeast University.

We meet students there, and have a short stroll at the campus. There are many universities there, like a big education union. For example, at the gate of SEU, we could see a conspicuous sign: Southeast University — Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou).

The next morning, 8 am, we’ve started the lecture. Our purpose this time is aim to make them have an overall understanding of what Translation company and localization industry are. We introduce some popular CATs and tools. Such as Trados, Memoq, Xbench. And we also introduce our products in detail, such as Marstranslation. Some students are interested in our company and wish to have internship with us during school vacation. And some of them start to register ID at Mars, and hope to become a qualified translator there.

During the lecture, we arrange a game (Translation at CAT VS Manual translation), which make them clearly understand how does the CAT improve our translation efficiency. And we also share the happiness and achievement from our internal and foreign linguists. Students enjoy the positive sharing, and I could feel interests and expectation comes out of their eyes.Of course, we reveal many tough moments that linguists will encounter which are prerequisite of being a linguist.

My part proceed 3 hours, and Charlie began his part, he share some detailed sample, how to read instruction in a mail, and some good ways to improve translation quality, very useful information and skill.

The morning part ends. The second part is arranged at night.At night, I mainly talk about how to be a qualified Project manager, how to manage a project and make it good. I also share some detailed practices about CAT and Tools to students so they could practice on they own.

Then Charlie make a conclusion and give some very good advice of how to do better in translation. we spend another whole hour to answer students questions. Some are about the development of being a linguist, and how to start quick, and some about the Marstranslation platform.

Here I want to quote the saying from Charlie, translation could be as big as piles of Mechanism documents, and also as small as a letter to friends. He share a beautiful letter he translated which is written by his foreign client to one Chinese friend . Mr Wang, we have separated for one year. We miss you so much. The Christmas is coming, we hangs many gift and wish cards on Christmas Tree, where kids have written your name.

The lecture ends smoothly, we took a picture with all students, every one smiles sweetly