Of course, both of them need responsibility, rigor and patience.

To be a good PM, I should to be familiar with the workflow in the beginning.
Usually, we get the order and clear instruction & requirements from sales who are awarded jobs by clients. After we got these detailed information, we should read and analyze carefully and there are some preparations to do before starting the work: 1.Check the integrity of the file given by client; 2. For translation projects, if the client does not supply TM and Glossary, we need build a new one, and save the files for our future demand.

Then assigning the job to translators, PM should know to select right person to do right jobs according to their major, experience and interests. After this, it’s time to make the record in BO. BO is for information collection and reference, so we should write all the relative details, especially the project name and create a PO number, then we can put the number mail when we allocate tasks to the translators, in order to help our future search.

In this step, we should make sure the person who does the job understand the client’s instruction clearly and he/she understand how to do and what to do, this is very important. If they have any question during the work, they should ask PM for assistance. For any unclear question, PM should ask the client in time.

When the translator finish the translation, it is also important to do the check. Checking the file’s format, punctuation, space, font size, font color, picture’s position etc. must be consistent with the source file. Also PM should check if the translation follows the customer instructions strictly. The file should not be changed the name, unless the client has special requirement.

After confirming everything is OK, to deliver the file to client as schedule and wait for the feedbacks from client. If the feedback is bad, we should timely discuss with all the related departments and make active measurements.

When communicating with clients, we should always keep patient, kind and professional. Finally, archive all the final files in order, this will be of great help for the future management. In addition, timely and effective communication among various departments is very useful to help to complete the delivery smoothly.

This is a very good chance for me to train myself.