is the largest search engine and portal site in South Korea. And its market value is the largest one among the internet companies of South Korea. A survey result which was made by a market research company of South Korea showed that there are about 76.2% of people in South Korea using the search site to retrieve information, while only less than 3% of South Korean use which is the number one portal site in the world to do that.

Why can be the most popular SE in South Korea? What’s make it so charming that over the 50% of South Korean netizen set it as their home page. That’s because the founders of Naver had made a study in search services before they created Naver.

And they found that they almost couldn’t find any results in Google and other foreign search engines by inputting Korean. That is because Google and other SE do not include enough Korean information. So the founders decided to build their own Korean content and database so that South Korean users can directly find the desired information on Naver.

Naver started from a supporting questions and answers service because Q & A is the best way to collect the intelligence of the users. In 2002, Naver launched a Q & A service platform named ”Knowledge In”, Allowing the users to ask and answer questions in real-time.

Unexpected, “Knowledge in” was a great success, and about 44 thousand problems are asked and 110 thousand answers are offered every day in average. So the mass data provided by the users became the main content of Naver’s database, which makes Naver quickly become the best SE service provider in South Korea.

Currently, Naver has 27 thousand employees and more than 30 million registered users which make Naver to become the most popular SE in South Korea.