Please see the method as below:

Step 1: Open the link of Daum by: and click the “회원가입” at the top left corner of the main page.

Step 2: Being familiar with other Korean websites, there are 4 kinds of partition for its members, they are the common members (“일반 회원” must be older than 14 years old), children members (“어린이, 학생회원” younger than 14 years old) , corporation members ( “법인 회원” companies or other organizations) and convenient join (“간편 가입” especial for foreigners), if you are a foreigner, so just click the last one:

Step 3: Also there will be some provisions that you must be agree with them that you can continue the next step. As follows:

Step 4: complete the information according to the rules.

1. ID (“이이디”)

2. Password (“비밀번호”)

3. Confirm password (“비밀번호 확인”)

4. Name(“이름”)

5. Gender(“성별”)

6. Contact(“연락처”). You must choose one method to get the verification number. And there are three choices to finish it. They are hand phone(“휴대폰”), wire telephone(“유선전화”) and email(“이메일(해외사용자)”), the last one is special for foreigners.

7. After you receive the verification number, which is sent by Daum, from your email inbox, and input it.

Step 5: with finishing the former steps successfully, you have been one member of Daum.

When you login to again, you will get into your profile, and there are still some personal information that you complete.

It has been very easy for foreigners to become a member of Daum. hope this instrustion can help you enjoy it.^^