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The Italian language belongs to the Romance languages, which means that it derived from Latin, just like Spanish, French and Portuguese. Italian is in fact the closest and most similar living language to Latin. I actually studied Latin in school for several years, and after that it was very easy for me to pick up some basic Italian!

Latin was widely spoken during the period of the Roman Empire, which lasted for many, many centuries and covered most of Europe and parts of North Africa. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Italy was divided into many different city states and kingdoms.

Through numerous invasions and by mixing various dialects, the Italian language gradually evolved over the centuries. The earliest records of what we can really call Italian date back to around 900 AD.

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These days, there are around 70 million native speakers around the world. It is the official language in Italy and San Marino, the primary language in Vatican City, and one of the four official languages in Switzerland.

Italian is also spoken in parts of France, Croatia, Slovenia, and in several immigrant communities in North- and South America and in Australia. Italian is also the fifth most-taught language after English, French, Spanish and German.

Italy’s economy is the fourth largest in Europe and the seventh largest in the world, according to statistics from 2008. Italy is also the world’s seventh largest exporter for goods.

Al this demonstrates the importance of Italy and its language in the world. If you have business interests in Italy of any kind, you should choose to get all relevant documents translated into Italian by a professional and reliable translation agency, like us!

Over the years, CCJK Technologies has translated large numbers of documents into Italian, from a huge variety of source languages. We have established collaborations with countless high quality Italian linguists and translators, and many of them are specialized in various subject matters.

Additionally, we created extensive Italian glossaries, translation memories (TM’s) and style guides. This way, we can provide you with the highest standard of Italian translations, accurate, consistent and on time!

See for yourself and contact us now to get a free quote for your next Italian translation!

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