In my previous blog I discussed the importance of email marketing. Today I would like to present the importance ,preparation and techniques of calling clients.

Calling clients is also essential to a salesman.

Every experience your customers have with your organization begins with a first impression. The first impression is the first “touch point” that your organization has during a customer interaction and it either leaves them feeling excited to work with your company or feeling indifferent and unsure about possibility of continuing a relationship with your firm.

Try calling your clients to see if they are happy. Ask them what things are going badly, what things are going well, and what things could be done better. Ask them if they have any suggestions for you. Learn from these comments and change your business I have found that calling clients is one of the most beneficial ways to spend your time.

Preparation:Before making a phone call to your clients, make sure that you have sent an email of company’s brief introduction to the person whom you want to talk with. So he/she will have a general idea of what CCJK is doing. Write down the presentation or questions which you want to talk with your clients.

During the first month the client is contacted every ten days. After the initial month, the client is called on a monthly basis unless there is a separate concern.

Techniques:how to make a successful phone call and give your clients a very good impression? I think there are two key points we must be aware of.
First, timing.

Timing is crucial of making a pleasant and fruitful phone call. Making the phone call before dawn or in the midnight usually is not welcome. So we should have some basic idea of clients’ local time.

For instance, our working time is from 9am to 6pm.The best calling time is from 4pm to 6pm as our main target potential clients are from European region. We are not likely making the phone call to USA even though it is a country full of big potential clients.

Second, we should pay attention to our own sound and the points of view. The telephone only convey information through the sound, therefore the gentle voice and clear expression are quite important.

The listener can hear your sincerity through your voice. We should fully concentrate on listening to clients’ talking, and write down the main points of conversation while calling.

The information mentioned above is my conclusion of the importance, preparation and techniques of calling clients. Details and effect of calling clients will be shown in my next blog.Thanks for your time!