It’s been known that the function role of Human Resource is becoming an essential component in modern organization operation system.

Based on my working experience and knowledge, I get a basic understanding of what the HR function role are; I draw them up as follows:

1. Aligning HR and business strategy

2. Re-engineering organization processes

3. Listening and responding to employees

4. Managing transformation and change

5. Viewed as a support function to the business, helping to minimize costs and reduce risk

As for what activities and programs the HR professional need to initiate, I sum up as follows:

1. Attracting the right staff through Employer Branding;

2. Select the right employees through the recruitment process;

3. Onboards new hires and oversees their training and development during their tenure with the organization;

4. Assesses talent through use of performance appraisals and then rewards them accordingly;

5. Administer payroll and employee benefits;

6. Involved in employee terminations, including resignations, performance-related dismissals and redundancies;

7. In charge of overseeing organizational leadership and culture;

8. Ensures compliance with employment and labor laws;

9. Oversees health, safety and security;

10. Engage in mobility management;

11. Involved in the merger and acquisition process, includes diversity and inclusion

Here, I want to mention the employer branding, this is the first step for all the success of HR programs and initiatives.

1. The Purpose of the organization composed of three factors, they are :

1. External Marketing; Values/CSR; Senior Leadership

2. The Employment factors in the organization, they are:
Working Environment, recruitment and induction, team management and performance appraisal

3. The special organization climate, we usually refers to as culture in the organization, they are:

Internal Communication; Reward Recognition, Learning and Development, Service support and Measurement systems

In general, the competency of an organization to successfully implement and initiate these programs and activities will determined the overall strength of is competitive edges in the talent pool market.

If you have some good suggestion and valued opinions on the Human Resource, I’d be very glad to share with you, you can send your sharing to [email protected]; thanks for your reading.

Written and edited by: harry.wei

HR of the CCJK Technologies