I believe when we complete a product and deliver it to the client, we hope to get their positive feedback and comment. If they can say some complimentary words, we will feel very happy and think all the efforts we made is worthy. Also, these complimentary words will encourage us much for the work in the following days.

In western countries, complimenting others is a daily etiquette. People use complimentary words not only for greetings and the talks when meeting acquaintances, but also for the beginning of the sentences while criticizing or blaming. For example: “ The book is great but…” In the western view, every cloud has a silver lining. It’s saying everybody has to be counted as an equal. There must be something deserved to compliment for everyone.

Terrific—blurting out of compliment

Terrific and Terrible are of the same origin. Terrific is used for happy and exciting occasions, it’s a commendatory term. For example, the students will shout loudly:” Terrific!” when the graduation party is up to a climax. This word is commonly used alone, it also can be used to express the good feeling of the person of the opposite sex. On the contrary, Terrible is used to reflect bad news or bad mood, it is a derogatory term.

Great– extremely high appraisal

Great is commonly used to evaluate events or agree with the opinions of others. For example, most people would say:” Great!” if you ask them to give an evaluation after the birthday party. “Great” conveys your full affirmation out. The thing which you are going to evaluate may be not so perfect, but once you say ”Great” out, it will be of encouragement. Just say what you want to say and say what make you comfortable, no matter how others think about it.

Yeah—it has the meaning of “Come on” and brings the meaning of “bravery”
Yeah is original from Yea that is an ancient English word, it means” Yes”, it is commonly used for assurance and encouragement, also can be used to express High feeling. For example, if you think the music in the bar makes you feel high, you can also say Yeah. It conveys the people’s inner vitality and impulse, the psychological emotion is high and ardent with the feeling of going ahead without any restraint or barrier.

Wow—originality beyond the expected, it has the meaning of “surprise”
It is just a simple onomatopoetic word from the etymology and it is the best word to describe the shocked and surprised expression. For example, when you see a lady in a newest dress and she looks gorgeous, elegant and glowing. What is your first reaction? You must want to say “Wow”, then the lady will feel so sweet by hearing about this word. “Wow” is used quite commonly as a complimentary word. When you see an article or work which particularly pleased your eyes, beyond your expectation, this word is most appropriate to express your real feeling, it not only shows your high appreciation, but also conveys the pursue of creation to other people.

Bravo—high taste of appreciation

The word “Bravo” comes from Italian and Spanish, it is commonly used for the cheers on performances, also used to praise for people’s work achievements. It sometimes can substitute for “Wonderful”. For example, if you are seeing a movie with your friend, you think it is very good and you like it very much, then you can use “Bravo” or “Wonderful” to express your evaluation and your affection.

Fabulous—full of self-efficacy

Fabulous has the similar meaning of Incredible and Unbelievable. It expresses a kind of incredible, unimaginable tone of voice. As long as someone else does something what you cannot do, then you can use this word. For example, as a new office person, when you see the predecessors complete several projects together in short time, you must be amazed to say “Fabulous”, “Incredible”, “Unbelievable”!

Hope the analysis of these complimentary words will help you in your daily life. I think all people will feel happy to hear these words. So let us work hard and be a good person to get compliments, also not save to praise others.