Email marketing comes very early among business in Internet. Though previous email marketing is still regarded as rubbish email now, it still has a revolutionary impact on the internet.

Continuous marketing opportunity

Let us imagine this: One visitor comes to your site,. He wants to buy some goods and has a question to be answered, while your site could meet his requirements. While it is the first time that he comes to your site.

Though he is interested in your products, for 99% sure, he will not buy your products at once. If your site provide a electronic magazine right now, and he can get RMB10 of coupons and free electronic magazines, obviously, he will fill out the application form and leave his email to get the coupons and electronic magazines.

If you get the email of potential customers, you get the right of following up potential customers. It improves the chances for potential customers to remember you and your site when you send holiday greetings emails and free electronic magazines to him.

Because of this kind of email reminding, potentials customers will remember your site. When he decides to buy the product, your site products will be his first choice.

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Nearly prefect marketing channels

The reason why email marketing is so important and effective is that the marketing cost is very low. As long as you have the email hosting, sending to emails to 10 potential customers is the same to sending emails to tens of thousands of potential customers., for the cost is the same. While if you want to send millions of emails, the situation would be different. Because this needs specialized hosting and huge bandwidth.

Compared to other ways of web marketing ways, email marketing is much faster. SEO needs a few months even a few years when the effect comes out. Blog marketing also needs much time and numerous articles. As to the socialized web marketing, it takes much time to take part in community activities and build large personal network. While the email marketing only needs the emailing data, it only takes a few hours to get the purchasing order after emails are sent.

The object of the permitted email marketing is a group of potential customers who could be easily changed to customers. Any one who fills out the application form of your site is very active. Providing that you send the right information to them, they will become your loyal customers.

Email marketing also makes sure that you can keep in deep touch with the potential customers. It is very normal for the subscribers to watch the same magazines in a few years. There are numerous and colorful information on the internet.

It is very previous to keep in touch with a customer for a few years. In this way, you and your customers could build strong trust with each other. When your site has some new goods to be updated or any discount information, you could send this information to your customers, it will does good to your sales performance.

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