3. Use appropriate tone. In order to reach your aim, you have to use proper tone. The tone you use conveys your sincerity. Even when you write a complaint letter or reply a complaint letter, you should never be too aggressive or impolite. Improper tone makes you look unkind and mean, resulting in a failure in the communication.

4. Keep consistent. Keeping your content in a consistent way is as important as keeping the format in a consistent way. It can make readers understand what you express more easily thus saving their time.

5. Write in a natural and sincere way. You’d better make your reader feel that you are real interested in the topic. Use your style and write as you are talking naturally. For example, you can write “I am pleased to tell you…” instead of “I have pleasure in informing you…” the expression of “please let me know” is more natural than that of “I should be grateful if you would be good enough to advise us…”

6. Use active voice instead of passive voice. Active voice can improve your writing style greatly, because it can make your passages look more interesting, lively and positive.

7. Keep the KISS principle in mind. Businessmen need to read lots of letters every day, so they prefer to read those brief and simple ones. Therefore, you need to use short words instead of long ones, use short sentences instead of long ones. Meantime, if you can use words or phrase to express yourselves, there is no need to use sentence.

8. Contain all important details. It’s a basic rule. Answer all the questions you need to reply. Avoid any missing information.