Ten Steps to Good Business Writing-1

I have talked about the weakest links in our business writing in my previous blog. Now I would like to discuss some tips which lead to a successful business writing.

1. Remember your ABC. If you want to express your meanings with proper tone and thus get a satisfying effect, your writing must have such characteristics of ABC. “A” stands for accuracy. Check the facts carefully and make sure your writing contains all details related. “B” means briefness. Keep the sentence short and brief, express yourself in a simple and easy way, and use non-professional words since professional terms might be hard for the common to accept or understand. “C” means “clearness”. Use clear and simple language with a pleasant and natural style. Do not be too prudish or too intimate.

2. Be courteous and considerate. Being courteous doesn’t means using some old-fashioned expressions such as “your kind consideration” or “your esteemed order”. It means you will think of what the receivers will feel when writing the letters. In that way, even if you reject them, you will not hurt their feelings which may result in losing the potential opportunity for cooperation or damaging the friendship. Being courteous also means the followings: a. If possible, reply all the mails you receive on the same day. b. If you can’t reply it immediately, please write a note/memo to explain. It will build business goodwill and reputation. c. Show understanding and respect to the sender. d. When replying, you should never make the sender feel like that they have made a mistake. e. If you disagree with some opinion, you should solve it tactfully and try you best not to offense the sender. f. Control your temper. Never use the same tone which has made you angry with the sender. Instead, you should be polite without reduce in esteem.

—to be continued