6. Have consideration for others. This rule has been ignored by many sales people, because for most of them, the most they think about is their own needs of selling the products or service, rather than thinking about whether customers have real needs.

In fact, if the sales persons can make the customers fully know what benefit they can get from using the products or service, people are more likely to buy. When you pay attention to others’ needs and have consideration for them, you will get more opportunity.

7. Use sincere body languages. Body language speaks louder than words, for it’s an external presentation of internal feeling, which is shown naturally and can’t be pretended. When promoting, you must have a sincere attitude which results in a sincere expression. In this way, you can inflect your target customer with your sincerity.

In my opinion, when body gesture conflicts with words, body language is much more powerful and it plays a critical role in communication. Therefore, you must practice what you preach! Remember to use more sincere body language to build a friendly relation with the customers!

8. Never have a dispute with customers over anything! There are two famous statements that “customer is always right” and “customer is God”, both of which emphasize the importance of being friendly with customers. If the customers have bad feelings towards you, they will never want to buy your products or service.

So when you communicate with the client, be friendly and kind with them. Never criticize their viewpoints. If they are wrong, try to find a tactful way to express your opinion without rude words. Anyway, building a friendly relationship is very important to gain profit!

9. Let a third person say what you want to say. Usually, the clients you target are strangers to you. How to make a stranger trust you is a key to a successful promotion. Let a third person say what you want to say is a shortcut. Especially when the third person is a friend or relative of your target customers, their words weigh more. Of course, you must make sure that the third person you ask for help has a good relationship with your target. Otherwise, things will run counter with your desire.

10. Speak less and listen more. As the story goes, when God created man, he endowed us with two ears and one mouth, which means that human beings should listen more and speak less. As a sales person, you should take extra care of this issue of listening more and speaking less. Salesperson should follow a principle that listening is more important than speaking. Only when you listen to the customers carefully and fully understand them, you can say the words which will satisfy them.

In all, sale is a kind of profession which calls for lots of communication skills. Try to learn more and put them into practice. There is no doubt that you will benefit a lot from those exiting experience!