For sales people, your skill of making a good introduction in the beginning of telephone marketing is very critical. It decides whether you will draw your potential customers’ attention and make your conversation go smoothly. Therefore, how to make a good introduction during telephone marketing plays a key role in your success.

Lots of salesperson would like to say “Hello, This is June from CCJK. May I bother you for a minute? ” this introduction sounds like a polite and reasonable one. But if you consider it from the aspect of the phone receivers, you will find it has some problems. It will make the receivers arise caution even dislike. They tend to think that why I will give a stranger one or two minutes, what happened if they were cheaters? So the important key is that you should never let your customers feel confused or raise suspicion. Your opening mark decides whether you will success or not.

In fact, when you call your customer for the first time, you must introduce yourself as well as your company within 15 seconds. Don’t be wordy or unclear. Try to arouse their interest in continuing the topic. How can you make the customer stop to listen to you? You should make them clear about the following three things: 1, who you are and which company you work for; 2, the purpose of your phone calling; 3, what benefit the customers can get from your products or services.

Here are some examples for your reference.

1. Hello, this is June from CCJK. Could I speak to your manager please? We are a translation and localization company and we wonder if you are interested in this service.

2. Hello, this is June from CCJK. Could I speak to your manager please? I am calling to ask if you have your own website, or do you do website development or promotion in the past?

There are some points you can take advantage of to attract the client’s interest when you are at the beginning of making a phone call.

1. Talk about the topic he/she most cares about at the present time. “I just heard from your colleague that you are bothered by your computer’s breakdown….”; “I know you have spent lots of money for the long distance call; luckily, there is a way to decrease your telephone fee by 50%; do you want to have a try?”

2. Make compliments. “they say you are an expert in this filed…”

3. Talk about the competitors. ”we just cooperated with Bank of China, and they thought… ”

4. Mention the third part he/she is familiar with. “Your friend Mr. Su introduced you to me…”

5. Emphasize the only one. “Since this is the only one markdown in October for China Mobile, I would like to tell you that…”

6. Talk about the recent report you read about the client. “I am calling because I just saw a full page advertisement about your company on the website, which encouraged me to … ”

7. Make them feel worried or anxious. “Recently some clients said they had received lots of crank calls…”

8. Talk about others’ experience. “They all believe that telephone marketing will develop gradually in China…”

9. Mention the letter you have sent to him/her. ”Two days ago I just sent you an important letter about…”

10.Talk about the best seller. “There have been more than 8000 users who apply for our service since we launched this E-learning service last month.”

11. Use specific statistics. “this will greatly reduce your telephone fee by 50%”

In all, the introduction in the telephone marketing is the key to the successful promotion. Your way of introduction, your tone, your sincerity, your creation and many other aspects have an important effect for a good talking atmosphere.

Here are some tips which I summarize as below:

1. Attract the client’s interest

2. Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself and your company bravely.

3. Do not always ask the clients if they are interested in your products or services. You should guide their thoughts and help them to make a decision.

4. Don’t be upset or give up at once when meeting the client’s rejection.

5. Be a little louder when on the phone; try to create a friendly atmosphere.

6. Be clear and brief; don’t make the client feel repulsion for you.

7. Speak with a proper speed; it’s suggestible that your speed is the same with the client.

8. Be sincere and honest.

9. Be passionate and positive.

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No matter what method you choose to make the introduction, the above is very important. Active attitudes can make the clients feel impressed. Be attentive so as to be creative, and then you can make the introduction perfect!