What is a Technical Manuals Translation?

It is a service offered to business industries that sold different products or services that are in need of manual guides or journals. Due to the fact that you cannot expect to serve only one variety of customers and time will come when you have to deal with other clients who have different culture and language from you, so technical manuals translation comes to save you from this impediment.

The Importance of Technical Manuals Translation

Because there are almost millions of languages and dialects all over the world and in the globalized era, firms are required to and also want to extend the range of customers they are willing to accommodate, they need to make sure that every product manual guides they have will contain languages that are preferred most by the majority of their customers and prospective customers.

Technical Manuals Translation by CCJK

At CCJK, we can offer you a technical manual translation in your customers’ favorite languages. According to our experiences and profound knowledge of hot markets, we mainly target manual translation services in Simplified Chinese, HK traditional Chinese, Taiwan traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, and Dutch, whatever your source language is.

We Emphasize three ‘Key Factors’ in the Quality Translation of Technical Manuals:

Consistency, accuracy and terminology. To us, those three are always of utmost importance. To achieve consistency, our professional editors from different countries have profound experience in technical manuals translation from which they have developed the systematic format of wording, punctuations usage, and special character handling that needs to be left in translation; to reassure accuracy, our leading translators specialized in this field can handle it well; and about terminology, we can make best of advanced software for localization such as SDL products.

Customers’ Favorite Languages in CCJK’s Eyes

You may wonder what customers’ favorite languages are. Besides what we have mentioned above (such favorite languages are ones commonly used in popular markets), CCJK also defines it the target language style that is live, fresh and popular in your foreign customers’ eyes. As we know, microblogging, Instant messages, surfing on the net by touching smart phones are mainstreams.

Customers in emerging markets are becoming accustomed to use credit cards, discussing casually about entertainment and foods online with strangers and sellers, in this way they enjoy a certain interaction in buying goods and service. In all, if you want to share your potential markets, you can catch the chance to localize your websites in order to earn your identity recognition among foreign customers.

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