(Continue from the “Cambodia in My Eyes”)

It is about night the first time I arrived here. There is nothing you can see except darkness above through the window of the plane. Only when you arrived near the Phnom Penh International Airport, you can see the light tower lighted leads the plane to land. But, two years later, when I came again, there is a big difference.

High above on the plane, you can see many “light lines” crossing each other, which are actually the road lights along the two sides of each road. No needless to say, the development of Cambodia is also fast. Although, sometimes some people think that it always stays behind others.

When people came here, the first thing they often to do are to buy a mobile-phone SIM card. There are many kinds of cards from different communication companies, with card number started with 011, 099, 012, etc. A mobile phone card number is generally 9-10 digits.

What I want to say here is that the communication fees are cheap, to an ordinary person. With a USD 5 or USD 10 prepaid card you bought, the communication companies often give you USD 2-USD 5 free. Besides, in the whole country, you don’t need to change your card, or applying a roaming service.

And, you also do not need to a flat rate. That is to say, you only need to pay when you are dialed out a phone call and it is not expensive. Ordinary local people often take several mobile phones with them.

There is no bus on the street. This is very strange for a foreigner. But it has reasons. It is said that some Taiwan businessmen invested a bus company in Phnom Penh several years ago, but no one come to take it. It seems that bus may not comply with the situations here.

Because nearly every Cambodian has a motor bike if they can ride. Besides, many have cars. To them, a motorbike may more convenient and proper in their lives. From my point of view, Cambodians prefer much more freedom in the daily lives.

And, cars in Cambodia are relatively cheap, which is due to low customs duties and financial assistance from other countries, such as China, USA, Korea, Japan, etc.

Houses can be seen often are single family houses or villa. It is two-three layers with the people of whole family live together. In cities, houses are often built in bricks; while in villages, people are more likely to have a wooden house. It is very interesting that their wooden house can be moved integrally.

I just saw this scene several times but with a pity having no time to study on how they can do it. Do you know it? Many houses of movement instituted are the same style with those in the Royal palace. So does schools. And usually a school is built neighboring a temple.

Casino in Cambodian can be found in many big cities. And it is legal. But, usually foreigners take a great ratio of people there. In Cambodia, both the U.S. dollar and Cambodian riel are currency in circulation. While in a casino, U.S. dollars are predominant. It is said that many people live on gambling in casinos.

Believe or not, someone actually has good luck. If you don’t know how to play, just follow them to put your chips on where they bet. It is what I am doing there. Just for playing.

If you like shopping, Cambodia is also a good place to go. Again, with low customs duty, price of all kinds of imported goods are cheap. What do you like, famous Perfumes, French red wines, brand watches, or the local rosewood carving articles? And some people prefer to but gem there.

There is still a lot worth to be talk. Let us take a rest by now. Are you interested in these? We will talk more lately.

Wish you happy!