The present time is the time of talent resources competition, talent is the fundament for enterprise survive and development. Traditional employer has also ended the era with the development of market economy. The large and medium-sized companies increasingly focus on the building of human resources.

At the same time more and more companies in the human resources management focus on “people-oriented”, focusing on corporate employer branding, build brand while building their employer brand, in order to better attract and retain the best talent and attract and retain talented people. This is the problem resource managers need to face and to be solved.

To solve this problem, I think we can strengthen from the following aspects. A corporate culture of keeping all talents has its own different characteristics of the industry, while each company has its own corporate culture; corporate culture is a soft power.

With the expansion of business scale, business managers are more and more concerned about the building of enterprise culture. Corporate culture oriented functionality, the combination of function and constraint functions, excitation functions, debugging functionality radiation function can not be ignored, especially cohesion function.

Corporate culture, people-oriented, respect for people’s feelings, which can cause in the enterprise is a unity and fraternity, live in an atmosphere of mutual trust, strengthen the sense of community, so that the formation of a strong cohesion and solidarity between the enterprise workers.

The common values of common goals and ideals, workers of the enterprise as a community of destiny, our own work as an important part is to achieve a common goal, the entire enterprise in unison, to form a unified whole.

In this case, the “plant my glory, factory bad I shame” workers heartfelt sincere feelings, “loving plants such as home becomes the employee’s actual actions, really nice to feel” home – corporate culture to keep people.

“The cause of keeping everyone has their own career planning ideals objectives, in particular, a number of senior personnel, career success is everyone’s dream. Most of the time people are at work, along with the development of the value system, the requirements to meet basic living needs, consider the more likely is a manifestation of personal values, work environment, work space for development, interpersonal relationships, personal capacity building, and will take into account, these are also human work must be formal, and strive to “work and happiness – the cause of retention.

Thirdly, the system to keep people is the random no standards to a country as small as an organization has for its own rules and regulations, if no rules and regulations of society will be chaotic unbearable, system in regulating people’s behavior, while also giving a hope and incentives, rules and regulations that everyone is equal.

Business, too, especially the large and medium-sized enterprises must be complete, complete, for the enterprise rules and regulations to regulate the behavior of employees, employees perform strictly in accordance with the business rules and regulations, a complete enterprise system do support.

So that “no rules no standards – system to keep people”, salary to keep people pay employees work elements of the first and foremost consideration in the investigation on the basis of the pay levels of the same industry, corporate pay to ensure that the basic salary “well-fed” bonus “well done,” welfare “could not walk”, reflecting the competitive, especially for some high-end scarce talent pay the companies more money they create to the value of the business may produce more hundred dollars guaranteed “money should be used wisely – remuneration to keep people” five, sentiments, feelings of animals and blooded animals, in an environment for a long time, in a team for a long, long time for cooperation are reluctant.

Like employee birthdays, corporate by broadcasting for the staff presented a birthday blessings; sick employees, company leaders a caring words, it will make employees feel at home, we help each other in the team cooperation to create a harmonious working environment and do a good job.

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