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English/Chinese to and from Tagalog Translation is one of the most popular translation services worldwide!

Tagalog is also known as Filipino, it was declared as an Official Language by the Philippines Government in 1987. Now more and more people are inclined to saying Filipino Translation, other than Tagalog Translation. it belongs to Southern islands phylum, mainly spoken by island residents in Philippines, part of people from Macau, Sabah Malaysia, Northern area in Indonesia, as well as Singapore.

In Philippines, there are over 22 million people speak Tagalog as their mother-tongue language, and over other 50 million people can speak and read Tagalog, that is, their 2nd language. (Population of Philippines: over 90 million, data from official stats of Philippines Government, 2010).

In the US, the Census bureau reported that it was the fourth most-spoken language in the United States with nearly 1.5 million speakers, only next to Spanish or Spanish Creole, French, and Chinese. Tagalog was ranked as the 3rd most spoken language in metropolitan statistical areas, behind Spanish and Chinese, but ahead of French.

You can expect an emerging and very prospective market if your product/service portfolio are localized into Tagolog by professional Tagalog Translation Agency! The target of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in 2010 is expected to be 6%, CESar PurISima, Secretary of Treasury Department disclosed in November, 2011, the main contribution to this is Domestic consumption.

CCJK Technologies has profound knowledge and experience in Tagalog translation/Filipino Translation, which has established close co-operation relationship with native Tagalog Translator.All Tagalog translators and reviewers are native speakers with at least 5 years of professional experience and are quite fluent in both English and their mother-tongue languages.Their profound knowledge in both languages will be of a great asset to the project.

We’ve already helped many famous companies worldwide with their Tagalog translation projects, including their website translation, marketing materials, product manuals etc. All of our clients trust in our delivery and always present what we translated to their websites or end clients directly, there is no need to find another proofreader to verify the quality of the translation: we’re responsible for what we output.

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CCJK Technologies also developed comprehensive Tagalog Translation Style Guide, Glossary, and TM (Translation Memory), we have already translated millions of words from English to Tagalog, Tagalog to Chinese, and vice versa.

Take a look at how we helped our client by localizing their project for Tagalog language. Click here to read the complete case study