TagEditor is an useful computer assisted translation tool provided by SDL Trados. And it is very powerful in translating .xls, .ttx, .html, .sgml and other formats. However, carefulness is a must when translation with TagEditor.

And there are some thoughts I would like to share with you. Some thoughts were taught by my workmates and some are my experience in using TagEditor.

When working on the translations, the tag should be remain as it is. Any operations, such as add a tag, delete a tag, or put the tags in a wrong order, must be done with great attention. Generally, we are required not to make any alternation to the tags. But in some situations, things are quite different.

1) some tags are to be translated. For example, “Test&Target”. If you just translate “Test” and “Target” to target language, and leave “&” as it is, finally in target language a symbol “&” remains between the translations of “Test” and “Target” . A little strange, isn’t it? In such case, the tag equals to “and” and should be translated.

2) Tags order are to be changed. Due to the different structures of source language and target language, some alternations have to be made to the word order, so does the tags adhered to the words or phrases.

3) Some tags could be deleted. This kind of tags are rare and I do not suggest to delete them even if they do not work any more. Take the tags for superscript for example, “1st of June”, the superscript for date expressions is no longer used in target language. So the tags “” and “” can be deleted. If you want to leave the tags in target language, please make sure that no word remain between the two tags.

Hope this can help you in some way.