The Error of Space

In ttx files, there are many tags, indicating bold, italic fonts or some symbols. Sometimes translator cannot decide the meaning of tags, and cause confusing in using spaces. Actually, the common role is still the same: a space is needed between SBC case and DBC case (full and half), and DBC case and DBC case (half and half); not needed between SBC cases (full and full).

Following are some examples:

The translation of this sentence is actually as below:

CHANNEL 频道选择器旋钮,从上述八个功能中选择一个。

It is obvious to see that we need to delete spaces before and after the word “CHANNEL”.

FM-4000可能连接至 GPS 接收器,也可发射船只的经度和纬度。

如果步骤 2 中选择的频道接收 到电波,则 FM-4000 将监视该频道和 CH16。

The use of reference file

When translating Furuno manuals in doc or ttx files, we actually get pdf source file for reference. If you are not quiet sure about the meaning, or be puzzled of some sentence, you’d better have a glance of pdf file. You may find it is quite using in helping understanding.

For example:

It is not difficult for a translator to feel something wring in this sentence. When you refer to English pdf, you may find it clear.

FM-4000 and Page 47 are in footer portion, but wrongly be emerged in the sentence. So we need to delete them in our translation.

Another example is sentence fragment.

Make the following connections between the WR2 Board / ANT WR2 / RX-FIL Board, with the Mini-pin assy.

用迷你针脚组件在 WR2 电路板/ANT WR2/RX-FIL 电路板之间作以下连接。

(supplied with this kit) and the connector assy. (随工具包附送)以及接头组件。

(supplied with this kit).(随工具包附送)。

Actually, these two phrases are parts of one sentence, But in ttx, it devided it into two segments. When translating such sentences, we need to reorganize them in one sentence. Thus, it should be as follows:

用迷你针脚组件(随工具包附送)和接头组件(随工具包附送)在 WR2 电路板/ANT WR2/RX-FIL 电路板之间作以下连接。

Another example:

Select drive I: 选择 drive I(驱动 I):

for the hard disk of the other ECDIS computer. 用于 ECDIS 计算机硬盘。

We should change to:

Select drive I: for the hard disk of the other ECDIS computer.

对于其他 ECDIS 计算机硬盘,选择硬盘 I:。

Some other examples

In addition, understanding mistake, mistranslate and ignoring of fuzzy match are all common to see during editing. Some typical examples are as follows.

Source: Connect to NMEA (–) connection of GPS

Translation: 连接至 NMEA (–) GPS 接口

Correction: 连接至 GPS 的 NMEA (–) 接口

Source: In such instances, be sure the transceiver is on and set it to CH16.

Translation: 在此情况下,请确保收发器处于并设置为 CH16。

Correction: 在此情况下,请确保收发器开启并设置为 CH16。

Source: The marineoperator will then ask you how you will pay for the call (telephone credit card, collect, etc.)

Translation: 海事运营商将询问您的付费(电话信用卡、受话人付费等)

Correction: 海事运营商将询问您的付费方式(电话信用卡、受话人付费等)

Source: Enter alphabet, numeric or symbol.

Translation: 输入大写字母、数字或符号。

Correction: 输入字母、数字或符号。

Source: Confirm re-initialization.

Translation: 确认重新安装。

Correction: 确认重新初始化。

Source: Check here to return settings for the chart display and symbol display to the default.

Translation: 勾选此处,返回航海图显示设置和默认符号显示。

Correction: 勾选此处,将航海图显示和符号显示设置返回至默认设置。

Source: This button is used to define names, source of sensors and location of Access Server of Workstations if two workstations are installed.

Translation: 安装有两个工作站时,本按钮用于定义名称、传感器源和工作站存取服务器位置。

Correction: 安装有两个工作站时,本按钮用于定义工作站的名称、传感器源和存取服务器位置。

Source: The workstation names window appears and it shows a list of computer names for workstations connected via LAN, in the list box Network name.

Translation: 出现工作站名称窗口和通过 LAN(在 Network name 网络名称列表框中)连接的工作站计算机列表。

Correction: 出现工作站名称窗口,并在 Network name网络名称列表框中显示通过 LAN 连接的工作站计算机名称列表。

Source: If you want to change the name of another channel, repeat steps 3 through 8.

Translation: 如果想更改其他船只名称,请重复步骤 3 至 8。

Correction: 如要更改其他频道的名称,请重复步骤 3 至 8。

Source: Press and hold down this key to turn to the transceiver and Remote MIC on or off.

Translation: 按下此键,开启或关闭收发器和远程 MIC。

Correction: 按住此键,开启或关闭收发器和远程 MIC。

Source: Watches for a transmission on CH16 and another selected channel until either signal is received.

Translation: 监视 CH16 上的发射和其他所选频道,直至其中一个频道收到信号。

Correction: 监视 CH16 和其他所选频道上的发射,直至其中一个频道收到信号。

Source: Performance specifications are nominal, unless otherwise indicated, and are subject to change without notice.

Translation: 性能规格是名义上的,除非另有说明,如有变更,恕不另行通知。

Correction: 性能规格为额定值,除非另有说明,如有变更恕不另行通知。

Source: External Loudspeaker SEM-21Q

Translation: 外部扩扬声器 SEM-21Q

Correction: 外部扬声器 SEM-21Q

Source: Select a location that is within 2.8 m of the Control Unit because that is the length of the connection cable.

Translation: 在控制单元 2 米内选择安装位置因为连接电缆的长度。

Correction: 在控制单元 2.8 米内选择安装位置,因为这是连接电缆的长度。

Source: Attach the function key label NBDP to the location shown below.

Translation: 如下所示连接功能键标签 DBDP 至安装位置。

Correction: 按如下所示将功能键标签 NBDP 连接至安装位置。

Source: Press the PTT switch to show IA, IC, VC and VS figures.

Translation:按 PPT 开关显示 IA,IC 和 VS 图。

Correction: 按 PPT 开关显示 IA、IC、VC 和 VS 图。

Source: Select how to show the heading indication, in three or four figures.


Correction: 选择如何显示船首方向指示(三或四个数字)。