I joined in CCJK this big family on September 03. Hana is my new English name. On the first day, Alice asked my English name. I said my English name is Grace. She said no no no because there is a colleague who named Grace. That means I should change my English name. Then I chose Hana as my English name.

OK, let’s come back to the subject which is summary of my first month’s job. On the first day, I spent total morning to read company training materials and to practice usage of Trados which was used by me in 2008. In the afternoon, there was a project which was assigned to me and Eva who began her job in CCJK at the same time with me.

My PM Chinos said this project was very important. The customer sent this small part to CCJK just in order to know CCJK translation level. If OK, he would send left part. I was nervous and also I don’t know if my translation level could meet customer’s requirement or not. Fortunately, with the help of PM and editor, the customer agree with our CCJK translation level. Luckily, we got the left work.

During this time, I’ve got some colleagues’ help, such as Chinos, Janet, Ben, Edison, George, Alice, etc. They are so kind and so patient to answer my questions, which makes me very warm.

Here, I would like to what I get from my job in the aspect of translation in recent weeks.

First, I am familiar with the usage of translation tools again, such as Trados, SDLX. I used these 3 years ago, so nearly forget them all. Edison and Chinos taught me how to use Trados, and Janet taught me how to use SDLX which was new for me.

Second, Keeping consistency is very important. The same specialized words should be translated into the same Chinese in the whole file. I think there are two benefits to do it. One is that consistency can make readers understand the meaning from the whole article, questionnaire or website.

If one specialized word has two or more than two meanings in one article, it will be difficult for the reader to catch the meaning. Maybe he will ask which meaning is the correct one. The other one is convenient to be corrected by the editor if your translation is not right or not suitable.

If there is a wrong or unsuitable translation, editor can change it by “Ctrl + H” which can search the wrong one and enter right one. Therefore, Keeping consistency is good for reader, for editor, and certainly for yourself.

Third, I must treat every sentence and even every word carefully. Every word is important for our client and certainly for its reader. If there is any wrong or unsuitable translation, sometimes it will influence the client’s opinion to us and certainly influence reader’s opinion to the article.

Fourth, I check my translation again before delivering it. I only check my translation before, not check files or sheets which should be translated. Last week, there was a mistake I made. I received a translation task which would be finished in Excel form.

I translated one sheet of Excel and did not know there were two left sheets. This mistake wasn’t found until the editor received and began editing. My god, it is a very serious mistake for me. I stopped the job in my hand at that time, and finished that left two sheets translation. So, I ask myself that I should check not only finished translation material but also check if I finished all required task.

Finally, I am very glad to join in CCJK. This is a warm group. I will try my best to do my job well. At the same time, I would like to say we are a reliable company which takes localization translation in various fields, design of website and picture, typesetting, etc. Top quality is our first principle. If you have this kind of requirement, please contact us www.ccjk.com, tel: +86-755-8611-7878 or email: [email protected].