Angry bird is becoming huge in China

There are 4 reasons can account for this:

First, the “angry bird” into China Free

May 9, 2011, genuine, “an angry bird,” the version of the formal entry into China, online mobile gaming platform when the music started to provide download services. This is “an angry bird,” this popular casual mobile games around the world the first official involved in China.

It is reported that on May 20, “an angry bird,” the company said Chupin Rovio, “an angry bird” global downloads exceed 200 million; as of March this year, all kinds of derivatives sales also more than 50 million pounds .

Concern is, “an angry bird” into China, the full account of the current actual situation in China and consumption habits, resolutely chose the free download. This is perhaps all the appetite of Chinese consumers.

However, the question is, how to make money for free? In fact, its underlying profit model for free will be two: one is a paid version with embedded advertising, a derivative is to create entertainment industry chain.

Second, fee-based version with embedded advertising

According to “Beijing Daily” to “angry bird” China’s partner when the music network’s coverage Xiao Yongquan CEO, and its basic free mode, in fact a series of hidden profit model.

1, the introduction of charging version of “Angry Little Bird”: This is actually the free version in parallel with the fees, course fees will be higher version of the experience. Understood, developers will soon launch version and the social networking version of “Angry Little Bird”, the game will be charged.

2, embedded advertising launch of the game: This should be the foreign experience, the basic approach is: do not affect the game quality and user experience under the premise of the various advertising embedded in a suitable manner, in order to earn free games advertising costs.

Among them, the back of embedded advertising model is worthy of attention, the majority of domestic game or to “game free, props fee” model profitable, however, Xiao Yongquan that “embedded advertising” model more suitable for China, he said: “has long been accustomed to free services to Chinese consumers, a short time can not form the habit of paying to download, so the ads embedded in the game developers to ensure stable income, while expanding the influence of the brand, while promoting improved quality of the game, which is an important future trend in profitability . ”

I think so, free game embedded advertising market place. Smart phones and tablet PCs in the growing popularity of the context of the game market is facing a new opportunity, of which there are many games to play in the process of advertising in the edge or along there.

Estimated that in the future there will be more creative forms of advertising in the game screen smart terminals, but most likely to be in a networked context.

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Third, create derivative entertainment industry chain

For “an angry bird,” the developer Rovio, they have many ideas. April 27, Rovio, general manager Peter Vesterbacka global market development in mobile Internet Conference at 2011 revealed that on the one hand, they are developing “an angry bird,” the many different games; the other hand, they will take legal measures to combat the “cottage” “angry bird.”

According to my observation, more importantly, Rovio has a more ambitious plan. The plan is to build a chain similar to the Disney model: the core product to create through a series of entertainment industry chain.

Development of the market, said general manager Vesterbacka Rovio, Rovio is to create a comprehensive entertainment products, including various peripheral sales and games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc., as if to construct a comparable to Disney’s “bird kingdom.”

Xiao Yongquan said, “an angry bird” has formed an industry chain in the near future, the film will release relevant, it needs a strong brand appeal, so the layout of its entry strategy in China has for the brand significance.

It seems Disney has this model more and more businesses get recognized, even domestic Shanda, Huayi Brothers, etc. are also in this direction, but from the recent news of view, this chain building process , the integration of different types of enterprises have not imagined that simple.

Fourth, the problem of piracy and partners

Other two issues of concern is “an angry bird,” the problem of piracy and partners.

For the “angry bird” into China and the genuine practice in China, “free download” mode, there are a lot of people asked: Is the mainland before the users to play so many “angry bird” are pirated? Indeed, as mentioned above, Rovio has been proposed to take legal measures to combat the “cottage” “angry bird”, but they will not like Microsoft for piracy, “we must fight, not kick down” strategy?

For the “angry bird” partner in China, at present, both types of reports that its Chinese partner is when the music network, but it is an exclusive cooperation? I think not, April 27, Rovio, general manager of global market development at Peter Vesterbacka in Mobile Internet Conference 2011 said: Rovio will not seek exclusive cooperation, will find a number of distribution partners. This time with the Apple iPhone into China, as in the agreement signed with China Unicom, is not exclusive, leaving with China Mobile, China telecom operators and other distributors opportunities.

Profit model is indeed any business to survive and have to consider the issue of sustainable development, “an angry bird” in Chinese domestic enterprises, the profit model is worthy of reference.

At the same time, have caused us to think about the question: When will we be more of several Chinese-known game in the world? When will the game industry chain to create more saliva production sound? If the domestic environment is not good, whether out of China to the world?

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