E-Marketing has become the biggest battle field of your branding. You spend a lot of money on advertising, buying fans , paying for the actions like “likes of shares” or hiring full-time bloggers to update between each social media. I don’t mean the whole disbursement is useless. But for some companies without such financial resources, how will they start?

A reasonable e-marketing strategy is based on your requirement and business goal. That’s the first thing you should make clear. The hardest part of e-marketing is to measure how effective it is and how much money you will spend on it. Sure, you can count retweets, likes, and Klout scores, but how does that translate into real engagement with a brand or actual spending?

Even though you can use Google Analytics, Facebook background information to calculate the increase or decrease of data of e-Marketing. You still need a specialist on data analysis?

Start to make a list of your needs and search for an experienced one-stop solution provider, who can take care of everything in your strategy. A good e-Marketing solution provider can stay together with you all the time.

They make your strategy lively and take immediate actions in marketing and feedback. You treat them as your own manpower for the implementation of the branding.

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Here’re some advise or you:

1. A one-stop solution provider must realize the importance of globalization, because e-marketing is born for the world.

2. Make sure there are a variety of services you can choose for your strategy.

3. If your business is local to a specific country area. Localization service is the first element you will put into strategy.

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