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What is Sotho language?

Sotho language (also known as Sesotho, Southern Sotho or Southern Sesotho) is a Bantu language, which belongs to the Niger-Congo language family. It is spoken mainly in the countries of Lesotho or South Africa. In Lesotho, both Sotho language and English are spoken by most of its population. They are two official languages in this country. In South Africa, it is among one of eleven official languages, which is spoken as a native language in the areas near Lesotho, and learned as a second language in other part of this country.

How to write, read and spell Sotho?

Sotho is written with a version of Latin alphabet, which is adapted to the language by early French missionaries. Because of this, its characters will look familiar to English speakers, but when learning its pronunciation, we have to be aware that not all of these letters represent the same sounds as in English. Sotho has a very complex sound system and is also a tonal language. High and low tones are used to convey particular meanings and aspects of grammar.

Another interesting fact about the written Sotho casino online language is that the orthography and spelling differ between South Africa and Lesotho. In Lesotho, people write with certain dialects that are not used in South Africa. What’s funny is that writers in these two countries use different words for certain sounds, but the spoken form for this Sotho language remains the same.

About Sotho vocabulary

Sotho is an agglutinative language, which means words are joined together by various roots, suffixes, and other elements. Sometimes, words are pronounced as a word but written in form of two words separated by a space. And the same root can be used with different prefixes to produce distinct meanings. Although the meanings are not identical, they are often related. Many words in Sotho are also similar to terms in related languages.

About Sotho grammar

The grammar in Sotho language is very complex and interesting. It adopts a system of noun classes, each of them marked with its own prefix. Also, most other words in the sentences (such as adjectives, verbs, pronouns, etc) must use special so called concords (similar to prefixes) which agree with the noun they refer. As a result, one sentence could have alternative sound pattern.