Some tips to Traditional Chinese Translation

Recently while proofreading some projects related to the traditional Chinese, and finding several errors in the traditional Chinese translation, so would like to point out several points here, for us reference.

For punctuation mark – full stop

The full stop was displayed different in the simplified Chinese from that in the traditional Chinese, so we need to type it in the correct shape in the traditional Chinese translation, see the below examples.

The maximum movie length may vary depending on make of memory card.


{0>The maximum movie length that can be recorded for a single movie is displayed during recording.<}100{>


For some terminology with the fixed translation in the traditional Chinese

In the traditional Chinese translation, some terminology has different fixed translation from the simplifed Chinese translation, thus, we should pay attention to them, see the following examples, for ‘在’ and ‘他们’. As for the word ‘在’ in the simplified Chinese, it is usually translated as ‘於’ in the traditional Chinese, for the word ‘他们’ in the simplified Chinese, it is translated as ’彼等’ in HongKong traditional Chinese.

{0>Movies can be recognized by the movie options icon displayed on them.<}100{>


{0>To adjust the volume before playback, press the <:cs “Buttons01” 7>d<:/cs> button and tap <:cs “Menus02” 3>i<:/cs>.<}100{>
若要在重播前調整音量,請按 <:cs “Buttons01” 7>d<:/cs> 按鍵,然後輕觸 <:cs “Menus02” 3>i<:/cs>。_

若要於重播前調整音量,請按 <:cs “Buttons01” 7>d<:/cs> 按鍵,然後輕觸 <:cs “Menus02” 3>i<:/cs>。_

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If they fail to do so immediately, they commit an offence under bye-law 13 of the Public Cleansing and Prevention of Nuisances (Regional Council) Bye-Laws and are liable to a fine of up to HK$2,500.00 on first conviction and HK$5,000.00 for subsequent convictions.

如果未立即清理,他們則違反了《公眾潔淨及防止妨擾(區域市政局)附例》附例第 13 條規定,初犯可能遭到高達 2500 港元的罰款,後續違反的受罰金額可達 5000 港元。

如果未立即清理,彼等則違反了《公眾潔淨及防止妨擾(區域市政局)附例》附例第 13 條規定,初犯可能遭到高達 2500 港元的罰款,後續違反的受罰金額可達 5000 港元。

Be better to apply the same style for the same sentence pattern

please see the below examples, as we can see, two source sentences have the same sentence structure, however, both have the different translations in the target language, in my opinion, it would be better to apply the same translation for the same sentence structure in the same project.

{0>To adjust the volume before playback, press the <:cs “Buttons01” 7>d<:/cs> button and tap <:cs “Menus02” 3>i<:/cs>.<}100{>
若要在重播前調整音量,請按 <:cs “Buttons01” 7>d<:/cs> 按鍵,然後輕觸 <:cs “Menus02” 3>i<:/cs>。_

{0>To return to the movie recording screen, press the <:cs “Buttons01” 7>d<:/cs> button.<}92{>
要返回短片記錄螢幕,請按 <:cs “Buttons01” 7>d<:/cs> 按鍵。_

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To keep the terminology consistency in the same project

Since some projects have the tight deadline, so sometimes need several translators to complete together and reach the final delivery time, and at this time, we need to ensure the same terminology has the same translation in the target language for the same project, so the different translators need to refer to the latest translation memory from time to time for the translation of the same terminology, see the following examples, in order to keep consistency, in the project, generally adopted the second translation.

Class B Corporate Member shall at the prices prevailing at the time:



– who has the right to rent a wet or dry berth, subject to availability, and use all Club facilities.

– 有權租用一個濕或乾停泊地,但數量有限,可使用所有會所設施。

– 有權租用一個濕式或乾式泊位,但數量有限,可使用所有會所設施。

pay first monthly dues for each designee and for each additional family member of each designee to whom a supplementary Membership card is issued.



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