Last time, i did a general analyse about bing seo, in this article, i will talk about some must-do tips which could improve your page ranking on Bing search result.

In general, Correct setting server/host, good health status of the server/host is the most basic requirement of running a website. we will list some aspect below which would affect your rank on bing.


this factor will directly affect the reader’s satisfaction, too slow page load time will let readers go to other website for more information, if Bing is presenting bad and slow pages, the users won’t use bing again, so improving your page load time/speed is the very first thing you need to do.


ROBOTS.txt is the starting point for Bing to access your site (in your root directory), you should write the correct properties to tell Bing what to crawl, what not to crawl.


Site Map usually put in the root directory of your website, the XML site map should have all your site URL, if the site contains many contents, sitemap can be divided into several XML Sitemap, please pay attention to should keep the XML site map alive and clear outdated and wrong URL information.

We also mentioned in the “About the cataloging and indexing of Bing, you can submit a sitemap to Bing or let Bing know the starting point for the crawl to submit the URL.


Flash or Javascript would hinder Bing crawler to crawl your site information, your website should be noted the use of website technology, to let all the readers also the search engines be able to read the content.

Regardless of whether the search engine is able to parse Javascript, you should not to use javascript in a large scale, Flash is also the same situation. search engine must spend more effort to processing Javascript or Flash, if you are not a big or well-reputed site, you should not expect Bing or Google would be willing to spend more efforts to grab your text in Javascript /Flash.


If you moved files of your site, you need to use the redirect. This allows readers and search engines to be able to reach the correct page through the old URL, and when you permanently move the URL, you are suggested to use a 301 permanent redirect, when you temporarily move the URL, you can use 302 temporary redirect.


Standard link element is to let search engines know which pages should be indexed, it is likely to add a new properties on the URL for tracking,which made same URLs have the different properties, the correct settings for a standard link element allows the search engines know that these urls are not repeated.

7. Description

The title of the page should be clear and relevant.

The description of the page should be clear and relevant.

Images should have a description itself which could make the images more detail, the let the user and search engine know the function of these images.

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