Being a PM, we can get enquires time by time.

Sometimes, the enquiry turns out be a real job, while some fail.

Here I would like to list some tips on answering enquires.

Firstly, Timing

Once we receive an enquiry, we should answer it as soon as possible. If you are engaged in other things, at least, we should tell the client we have received the enquiry and will answer it at what time. It is not advocated that we do the jobs one by one, but that we should do the important things first, then the urgent matters. If you are busy with other matters, just reply the client with simples words such as “Thank you.

We receive your mail and will answer you with details in couples of minutes or so”. In this case, the client will get to know that we have got his/her mails and they will wait for our answers. If we make no response to their enquiries, they will get worried that if we are not interested in the enquiry or we don’t get the mail. So, at least, we shall give our response at the first time when we get the enquiry.

Do not let the enquiry pending for long, try our best to get enquires ready for the client as soon as we can. Just image, if the client has been waiting for your answers by days, they definitely will find other vendors. For the enquiry overseas, we should try to answer within two working in the client’s time zone.

If you are not interested in the enquiry, it is better to tell the client the reasons.

Do not give no response to the client’s mail if you are not interested in the new enquiry.

Secondly, the rules for answering the enquiry
3Cprinciple: Clearness, Conciseness, Courtesy
A, Clearness

Try to list your points one by one and to the subject.

Make sure that the client can get what they want quickly from your answers.

B, Conciseness

Do not put on some information that is not needed or required.

If you want to promote your other products or service, just leave simple words for them.

Do not emphasize on the contents not required.

C, Courtesy

Be gentle.

Even if the client asks for some unreasonable request, please refuse them gentlely.
Thirdly, a completed process

1, the first round

a, before answering the mail, we should get a clear understanding for the clients’ need. Then we shall answer the mail with our professional terms, such as our process, our usual charge and daily output. We shall impress the client that we are qualified to meet the client’s demands and show our sincerity to cooperate with them.
b, the mail style (paragraphy, capitalization,spelling ,grammer)
the mail subject should be attractive or we just follow the client’s mail subject.

Answer the client’s questions one by one with clear meaning and show respect to them.

The Second round

a, the answers to the clients’ questions should be clear, no confusion.

The clients may have more and more questions if they are tending to order officially, in this case, do remember to check your e-mails in time and response to the client at the first time.

b, make your points be a list.