There is a book I read recently says that happiness comes from our inner world, we don’t have to count on the things outside to be happy. Then being happy would be the easiest thing, what we have to do is thinking about all those things that will make us happy.

It is always easier said than done. We have ambitions, not only want to live a comfortable life, but also want to have a good status among the society. If the desire is not fulfilled, then we are not happy. But are you sure that you will be happy if you have all the things that you want? According to a study about happiness, people tend to get used to good things.

You thought you would be happy for your whole life if you are rich, or if your dream is realized. But you would get back to the original level of happiness you used to be in. I have seen some examples about that, some people seem to have everything, they are rich, good looking, talented, young and have a splendid future waiting for them, while they are still not happy.

Why is that? They don’t know what they are live for and don’t know what they want anymore. So maybe it would be better off without all those things so that you can have a dream to live on. I guess it is more about the way you look at the world than the things you own that determine your level of happiness.

Thinking about the animals, they don’t have much to think, all in their mind is food and reproducing, while they are still living happy lives. Maybe we should learn from animal sometimes, be a simple person and be happy for the small things in daily life like when we were a little kid. Just feel the happiness in your inner heart. There is a saying by Fan Zhongyan(范仲淹) from Song Dynasty: Not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses.(不以物喜,不以己悲)