While proofreading one project these days ago, I found several points and wanted to share with us here. For this project, though the client just asks to proofread the words in the figure and keeps consistent with that in the context, if the client gives more enough time to handle the project, it would be better to read the whole text in the target language, so as to ensure there is no major error in the text, for instance, unnecessary error words, untranslated button in UI interface, the formatting error etc. Here I’d like to list several samples, for your reference.

1. Unnecessary error words

To continue, click Next.

(Original Translation)若要继续,请单击“下

(Suggested Translation) 若要继续,请单击“下一步”。

The Layers pane lists Areas of Interest (AOIs), annotations, gauges, and other items you can add to the check image.

(Original Translation)“层”窗格中列出了感兴趣区域(AOI)、注解、比对模板以及其它?可以添加到支票图像中的项目。

(Suggested Translation)“层”窗格列出了感兴趣区域(AOI)、注解、比对模板以及其他您可以添加至支票图像的项目。

In this sentence, there is unnecessary question mark in the target translation, so as the proofreader should point out this mistake and confirm with the translator.

A table that lists the errors found in the MICR line.

(Original Translation) 表格中列出在MICR码中发现错误。

(Suggested Translation) 表格列出在MICR码中发现的错误。

Zoom out button Decreases the size of the current report image while maintaining the image’s original aspect ratio.

(Original Translation) 缩小按钮 在保持图像原始长宽比不变的情况下减小当前报表图像的大小。

(Suggested Translation) 缩小按钮 在保持图像原始长宽比不变的情况下缩小当前报表图像的大小。

Would be better to use ‘缩小’ in this sentence.

2. Untranslated button in UI interface

In this interface, the two buttons ‘Cancel’ and ‘Help’ should be translated, not just keep English, so while proofreading such words in the figure, as a proofreader should pay attention to these subtle points, so that avoid the unnecessary complaints.

In this figure, some item names in UI all should be translated, e.g., ‘Main’, ‘Home’, ‘Tools’, ‘Run –F2’, ‘magnetic’ etc, however, they are all untranslated here, so the proofreader still need to pay great attention and point out to the client, and get the final confirmation from the client.

In this figure, I think the word ‘Image’ should also be translated, however, it is not translated here. For this, in my opinion, should confirm with the clients, since these figures are all provided by the client.

In the above figure, for the word ‘Templates’ should also be translated. However, it is not translated either. In my opinion, we also need to confirm with the client and ensure if it needs to be translated or not.

3. Formatting error

Print button Prints the report.

(Original Translation)打印按钮 打印报表

(Suggested Translation)打印按钮 打印报表。

Missing the full stop at end of sentence, so need to add it.