To do the Video Subtitles translation, some points should be especially paid attention to. Here I list some as following:

1. Hey, hi, ah… Say “hello” without translation, unless certain meaning

( If the original English is very long or very bothersome and not concise, do not translate it literally, and try your best to make the translation shorter but be accurate in the meaning according to the context.)

2. Call should be appropriate and colloquial

Example 1, Mr. Zhang according to context changed to Lao Zhang , xiao Zhang (this will be more friendly than translated into Mr. Zhang)

Example 2, grandpa according to context translation for minority oral English titles, such as “dad, abreu, big ye, torre, etc.

3. Some special words like “Look, such as, well, so, listen”

You should determine whether translate this kind of words according to the context.

Sometimes the translations of them have nondescript feeling, if it does not affect the plot, they can be omitted.

4. If original English subtitles appear as the explanation of some movements, please delete them directly, such as [knock on the door] [heart rate] [car engine sound]

These are specially for the people who have hearing impairment while it’s not necessary for us to do subtitles, so please directly deleted these.

If a word is for a time axis, then directly delete the whole time.

5. Order – English master-slave sentence relationship may be according to the Chinese habit,

It can also be a variable or two, the clause into a sentences or modifiers to deal with.

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