During the translation of **, I found some obvious mistakes in TM.

These are some examples I extracted from the translation materials.

  1. We can delivery the goods for you anywhere in the world.

Original Translation: 我們可將貨品遞送到世界個地。

Here, “個” is a typo mistake.

Suggested Translation: 我們可將貨品遞送到世界各地。

2. Do you have any books that is about finacial and accounting?

Original Translation: 您有有任何關於財經和會計方面的書籍嗎?

Here, there are two “有” here, we should delete one.

Suggested Translation: 您有任何關於財經和會計方面的書籍嗎?

3. What services can you provide us?

Original Translation: 您能提供服務?

Here, we can’t find the corresponding translation of “What”.

Suggested Translation: 您能提供哪些服務?

4. You have casino pa natet a very good teacher that can take care of you on daily life and work.

Original Translation: 您擁有一位可照顧您的日常生活和工作的好老師.

Here, “.” is not appropriate in Chinese.

Suggested Translation: 您擁有一位可照顧您的日常生活和工作的好老師。

5. Hey June, please wait a moment, i can”t get through Tom on the phone, i have to call him first.

Original Translation: 嗨,june, 请稍等一下,我得先给 Tom 打个电话。

Here, some part is missing here.

Suggested Translation: 嗨,June, 请稍等一下,我电话联系不到 Tom,我得先给他打电话。

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