Vampire Diaries was the most popular and famous TV shows around the world since last year. To someone, such kind of TV show was horrible and disgusting, but most teenagers were fascinated by such TV show. Under the encouragement of my friend, I copied Vampire Diaries Season 1 from his Notebook and watched episode by episode. After finished the whole Season, I’d like to share some information and express my feeling.

The main content of Season 1 was related to Elena – 17years old and her younger brother Jeremy – 15 years old still in shock due to their parents were died in a car accident 4 months ago. Elena was a charming and beautiful girl in school, getting on well with her classmates, friends and neighborhood. After her parents gone away, she and her brother lived with their aunt Jenna, whom wanted to be a good guardian.

Elena wished to get some comfort from her social hub, such as her best friend Bonnie, friend and rival Caroline, former boyfriend Matt. The new semester started with a fresh and handsome boy Stefan enrolled in and fell in love with Elena at the 1st sight. Elena didn’t know the shocking secret of Stefan, a vampire. When Stefan stayed in the town, his elder brother Damon followed closely and came to the town.

Damon was also a vampire, with a long history of bitterness. Damon laughed Stefan giving up Vampire’s violence and fierce tradition, but he also understood why her brother fell in love with Elena. For the reason that Elena almost had the similar appearance to another beautiful girl, named Katherine whom lived one century ago and loved by Stefan and Damon at that time. In order to protect Elena away from Damon, Stefan involved into long lasting fighting with his elder brother.

Frankly speaking, the story line was not particularly complicated, but really drawing my attention. I like Elena for her beauty and don’t hate Stefan, just regarded him as a serious, stubborn and guilty man. Stefan was not willing to hurt human, but his father turned out to be his 1st prey.

Without such kind of psychological shadow, he would be more open-minded and accepted to suck human blood. Just like some long-standing vegetarians didn’t eat meat, it was really hard to bear, Once ate some meat, it may be difficult to restrain themselves continuously to be a vegetarian.

Goodness will not always be good and evil doesn’t mean vicious forever, this should be the best interpretation of the American TV Series. Finally the evil Damon found he loved Elena also and he would rather to sacrifice for her while Stefan could not withstand temptation of human blood and eventually become more greedy than before.

Hope you can enjoy this TV shows in your leisure time, and definitely you will have your own personal insight.