Last weekend, I watched the movie Limitless, it’s also called the Dark Fields. Eddie Morra was a frustrated writer, who was lack of inspiration of writing. But suddenly on the street, he met his ex-wife’s brother, who gave him some experimental medicine.

It could improve usage of human brain, so as to change an individual’s personality and to make him more efficient. As a result, he finished his book ahead of schedule. Then he lent some money illegally, and put it into the stock market.

He quickly made a fortune from it and was noticed by a famous investor, who gave a chance to meet him and discuss an important corporate acquisition with him. With the help of the strange medicine, Eddie pointed out the advantage and disadvantage of the deal, making it moving on smoothly.

However as time moving on, the dark side of the medicine appears. When Eddie was drunk one night, he killed a young model who he met in a bar. So he decided to stop using the medicine, but he threw up the next morning. Then he realized the side effect of the medicine, it could make people sick, they would be unable to concentrate on important things.

By and by, they would become a loser in their life if they stopped using the medicine. At the same time, another problem appeared, other users of the medicine were chasing him to get the drug, they even endangered his life.

The side effect of the medicine makes me thinking of things in our daily life. For example, coffee can keep us awake at night and improve our working efficiency.

When I was working for a company in Beijing, as the company provided free coffee, I drank four to five cups per day, it made me very good at dealing with the financial data and economic reports and comments. However, it also has side effect, I lost sleep at night and felt sick the next morning if I drank too much coffee the day before.

In order to cure some disease, we have to get prescription from doctors and take the medicine. On one hand, the medicine helps curing the disease, on the other hand, it has its side effect and could cause new problems. For example, some medicine for curing psychosis can cause excitement and incretion disorder.

The patient would be unable to concentrate on small things in their life, for example, they could even unable to finished reading a daily newspaper or doing simple calculation or reasoning.

The medicine can decrease delusion of the patients and make their life normal, but on the other side, it also ruins their working ability and leaves them away from the social life.

By the way, the movie has a happy ending, which is weird, Eddie found three to four laboratory to produce the medicine for him and he also found ways to control its side effect, so he became very successful in a year and was elected senator of the United States.

In the end, he even learnt how to speak Chinese and ordered food in a Chinese restaurant with his girlfriend. But I think we should take alert of the side effect of medicines and decrease the usage of medicine in our daily life. To put it simple, drinking tea instead of coffee might be a more healthy way of living.