These days, people in growing numbers spear no effort to improve their qualities which may make them be likeable in social life. For me, being likeable in social life can be equated with leading a happy life.

For instance, students who gain much popularity among other students can be greeted friendly as well as getting much help when he is struck in straits. However , some people may consider that being likeable in social life results from casting themselves on adulating others without dignity. Actually, to be likeable in social life, you need to develop the qualities that the likable people share with one another rather than please others.

How to Be Likable in Social Life!

First of all, confidence in yourself which is the first step on the road to success, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be modest. The more confidence you have, the greater attraction you will hold to others. Secondly, as the wisdom goes “man can not have dignity without loving the dignity of his fellow”, so you must self-respecting. Thirdly, if you would be loved, love and be lovable. You should be generous enough and open our heart or give a hand to those need help badly.

Last, certainly not the least, you should be more humorous and easy-going which can make others comfortable and fill up others’ world with happiness when staying with you, thus leaving more of your mark on them.

To sum up, the qualities of being confident in yourself, being self-respecting, loving others and being lovable, and keeping easy-going and humorous, as mentioned above, will place you on the way to being the kind of person others enjoy being around.