To be a good PM, I think we should pay attention on several essentials as followed:

1. Know about the key details of the project adequately.

Although PM does not need to do the translation work personally, but it doesn’t mean PM doesn’t need to know the specific implementation details, especially some key point.

PM should be familiar with the relative tools, such as Trados, ABBYY and so on, and can do the basic formatting, also he/she should also master Chinese and English well, these will be especially helpful in dealing with emergencies, then you will not lose your head.

2. Be clear about the time for each stage of the whole project. PM should always keep a clear head for the time of each stage. We CCJK runs a strict TEP ( Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process for every translation project.

Thus, PM should reserve time for the three processes and make preparation for each stage. In the beginning of getting the project, PM should estimate the workload and resource allocation well.

3. Keep a good relationship with the in-house and out-sourced translators. As the PM plays a bridge role between the sales and the linguists, the PM should keep a good relationship with the translators.

A Project to be completed successfully needs the co-operation of all the members, therefore, it is very necessary to learn how to handle relations with other teams. Of course, the PM should figure out what is a matter of principle. The linguist department is the strongest support for the projects, so this is very important.

4. Make good arrangement, and have a clear understanding of the project’s progress

PM need to deeply understand the interpreter, understand their ability and interest in point, take the task to the right people and keep with their in-depth communication, understand the difficulties they faced, although you are not directly to complete the task, but it is to help others who finish the task. Task wall is a good way to make yourself and others clearly see the completion of each task, then and follow up

5. keep clear thinking, reserve dealing with emergencies measures

Project the most need to keep a clear train of thought is PM, other people can mess, but PM must not disorderly, especially in have unexpected things happened. Therefore, PM is necessary to consciously exercise myself compressive capacity.

6. Keep the gentle point of view, many others standing in the position to consider problems

The project will be using USSR, project between members will also had a bitter argument, often this time, maintain a gentle state of mind is very important. Rough and mentality often leads to uneven and emotions, rough and emotions will lead to more mess.

Keep calm state of mind of many ways, one of the most important is more standing in others consider position, as soon as after consideration for others, intense emotion will resolve many, and in this communication attitude priming, differences will also automatically for you to consider, it is helpful to solve the problem, agreement.

7. To strengthen the ability of automation project

If all projects all details on the flesh of man to complete, can greatly increase the risk control, and reduce the risk of maximum edge tool is to use mature automation solutions to do some work, especially the project construction, continuous integration and release, etc.

PM should be in how to make daily work routing and tool more moving your head a little bit, and the agile development offers a lot of good ideas and solutions.

Consensus and decisions to through the email to related people

8. In the process of the project will produce a lot of changes, requirements, and designs a document definition not so the question, to solve the changes and the formation of temporary resolution must be through the email to related people, not only is informed, more important is to provide evidence for resolution, these temporary resolution often can cause problems, when problems back responsibility, need to use the evidence

9. Listen to the opinions of the members, to give them set aside enough play space
Especially in the big company with project, team members all be regarded as the development of the elite, are not be willing to do a mechanical coder, so learn to listen to their ideas, in-depth understanding of what they want, try to meet their demand growth, it is due to the project objective reasons, can’t adopt their advice, also get and they have reason to be clear about, not applicable strong way to decisions, after all, the demand of technical personnel and management of different general

10. Not the individual desire for reference, those who take general situation as heavy.

PM also is a person, in peacetime work process, hard to avoid can with personal emotions, but PM should clearly realize his behind and a team, everyone’s emotions and state and his are closely related, so to speak work must think twice, and consider to be clear about the influence to others, do not disorderly shooting, lose the trust.