1, the project manager to do

He/she will be in the whole management process have a lot of time in communication and coordination, this is the main responsibility PM.

First of all, is a team internal communication, only guarantee that their team “happy”, will be better smooth others. As the band there are violinist, sachs hand, a development team also have developers, personnel, personnel deployment configuration, product design personnel.

If these people act as one pleases, the project is sure to fail. The project manager’s first duty is to do a good job in the team the communication, to ensure that everyone’s work coordinated, won’t produce conflict.

Second, and customer communication is also very important, this communication is the main stakeholders determine one of the ways. Because most of the development team is not direct contact with the customer, the project manager is a team and customer communication bridge beam.

To understand customer project function and the progress of the expected requirements, and according to the development situation of the team give feedback in time to ensure the project progress is smooth. And the client is to influence project implementation is one of the main source, to the customer know is to fully understand the project itself.

In addition, the project manager to the project resources application, management, deployment of work such as the main part of the duties of, this will be involved in the project team other than the part not to belong to own function team communication.

And project resources including personnel, machine device, network, funds, etc. Therefore the reasonable allocation of resources, can greatly accelerate the progress of the project. So the project manager in this play a between must be marketable characters.

2, the project manager should not do

The project manager to don’t understand technology, this topic troubling many people. There are a lot of project manager is a technical background, or rather have technical background. This will certainly to development project has a lot of help, but also may lead to some common mistakes.

So apart from technology not to say, the project manager is a manager, not a pure technician. At this point, the technology was born, the project manager will appear the following questions.

The first is too much attention to the realization of the technical details, and ignore the project master rhythm grasp. In principle, it pays attention to technical details is a good thing. But if too pay attention to technical details, will be the last. Because a person’s time energy is limited, in detail spent too much time, will affect the whole project management.

Therefore, the project manager should aim at the implementation of the project itself, not too much into the details of the technology on this paper. As the conductor, won’t pay special attention to sachs, unless he this aspect the problem.

The second problem is to use individual ability instead of team thinking, have personal heroism heart. A lot of project manager personal experience is very strong, many even technically superior. But the role of the project manager, more often than not, you need to become a personal hero, but to become a good team leader, the two requirements are not the same.

As battle brave soldiers, is a good soldier, but is not necessarily a qualified as commander. And its too rely on the ability of individuals as activation team potential, let everyone can play to their maximum capacity, so to project help will be more big.

In addition, not smooth communication also may have some projects. In order to solve this problem, some necessary meeting is very effective. But also pay attention to the efficiency of the meeting, the meeting must be in order to solve the problem and open, can’t lose target.

3, yellow golden triangle rule (project management triple restriction)

Project management has a very important yellow golden triangle rule (namely triple restrict theorem), is the project managers to remember is resources, time, and range. These three like triangle three edge, is the third, we will project management element, the relationship between each other is restricted.

If a project, resources are very few, time is very few, and the function of the realization of the have a huge, it is surely a mission impossible. The solution is simple, is to increase the resources (people, the fee), extend the project time, or reduce project function.

Of course in the practical project, and how to find the three most balance, how to achieve optimization configuration, experienced project manager will grasp is very good, and the equilibrium point is mainly the project manager according to the needs of the project itself and previous project management experience on the basis.

4, learn to game and bargaining

The game is a kind of art, is also a kind of transaction means. Bargaining, and does not detract from the meaning of formal statement should call negotiation skills. These two points for a project manager had better have it, because in the usual one member transaction processing, which is inevitable is to use these ways and methods.

The project manager is the project plan performer, and team members bargaining, also want to and customer bargaining. So it is very important ability, if bedding solution to the market to buy vegetables into the bargain, or a little in common.

5, plans to negotiate, executive must firmly

In simple terms, is the project planning, is needs and everybody communication consultation, or may be unrealistic, a castle in the air. But once set, everyone consensus later, is a team common commitment.