when translators are processing the files, there are always some important pionts which should draw our geat attention. Here, I want to list some to share with you.

1. first read the whole text at least 2 times and study it intensively, trying to fully understand the content, the subject-matter, the style, the background, the intention of the author, the purpose of the translation, the needs of the client, and the reader for whom the translation is intended, etc. in translating technical data, try to know relevant information about the specialized subject.Don’t hurry to begin translating one sentence after another without a study of the whole text.

2. When coming across s new word or a difficult expression, analyze the context, the grammatical and logical relationships before looking it up in reliable dictionaries (such as English-Chinese & Chinese-English) or consulting the materials concerned, then choose the correct meaning and use the right word.

3. Pay attention to the connections of the words, sentences and paragraphs so as to make the translation smooth, expressive and well-knit.

4. Read the foreign language but think in our own-read and understand the original text, form a thought or an image in our mind, think in the target language and see how we can express the thought as if it were our own.

5. Don’t be confined or restricted by the foreign words we see in the text, but express the original thoughts appropriately in target language.

6. Compare the original with the translated, and revise the draft!

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