During translation, I came across a few problems and I would like share them with you.

1. Because tageditor is not well compatible with Chinese character input method, the input status often restores to English character input method. In this case, much attention should be paid to the input status when typing in punctuation marks. Please make sure that you are inputting the right punctuation marks (not DBC case).

2. If project manager do not include a translation memory with the translation work, it is suggested to set up the font of the translation memory when create a translation memory by yourself. Also please keep the font of target language consistent in the delivery work.

3. Sometimes, if a segment is opened in tageditor and a Chinese character is inputted, the tageditor will terminate its work. This is a solution. Input some English characters first and then type in Chinese translation, delete unnecessary English characters in the end.

4. If a segment is 100% match, if you click “get translation”, the translation sometimes will change in format, eg. becomes small or bold. In such case, translator should be carefully to change the format of translation as the same as the source string. Or it may cause big trouble in the following typesetting.

Hope this passage can help you in some way.