With the popularization of Internet, people’s communication becomes more and more frequent, and many kinds of social networks also come into being. Speaking of a social network it is a social structure made up of individuals or organizations called which are connected by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige. Now I just talk about several social kinds of network widely used in our country.

Reading& learning SN :‘dou ban(豆瓣)’ ‘you bao(友宝)’ can be said as the most popular reading& learning social network. They can encourage users to learn from each other through active communication of information. Take ‘douban ’for example, it has attracted a large number of loyal users by providing service like recommendations, comments and price comparisons of books, movies, music, as well as the unique cultural life of city. It has gradually affected netizens when they buying books or videos .

Music SN : MySpace can be considered as one of the largest music community and online dating platform in the world. MySpace international location site provides a social, interactive and value-added service , as well as personal home page, blog, photo album, music, video uploading space for musicians and fans.
Marriage SN:At present the most popular marriage social networks – ‘世纪佳缘’,‘红娘网’,‘幸福婚嫁’ give users who are mature special service through searching marriage partner for them and charge them corresponding quantity of money.

Compus SN: Renren net not only widely used by students which changed from xiaonei net that belonged to the Qian xiang company has become one of the top SN in China.It is a big interactive communication platform by sharing inside and outside resources through writing blog, saving album, posting music video and now greatly enhances the communication efficiency between people.

As one of China’s largest alumni brand, with over 80000000 registered users, covering the whole country more than 95% large and primary schools, ‘ChinaRen校友录’ is a real alumni gathering as its name said.It plays the platform and resource advantages , takes celebration of service as the starting point ,has builded a bridge of communication between alumni and schools.

Comprehensive SN : Facebook ,the most influential worldwide social net has become a provider which can give users comprehensive information in many kinds of areas such as life, social, culture, emotion, entertainment, literature, economy, education, science, sports and so on.

At present, Chinese Facebook network just launched has become a social tool to contact friends and play games. It can help friends, coworkers, classmates and other people around to keep in contact, share unlimited uploaded pictures , posted links and more funny social games. Another network named 51 which was established in 2005 August, has become one of China’s largest and earliest comprehensive social networking sites. It is a stable and safe data storage and also a convenient communication platform.