With great development of the information technology, Social Networking Service (SNS) has become a great platform for business, both in advertisement and direct dealing.

Web-based social networking services can provide information for all walks of life. SNS providers such as Facebook and Twitter are rapidly growing, as is the SNS market. According to the ComScore, Facebook and Twitter, the two leaders in this area, share 55.1% of the market and 11.7% respectively up to end of November 2011.

Facebook’s market share in the US social networking market rose by 40 percent to reach 59 percent in September. The unique visitors the two companies have are over 900 million all together. A lot of investments and efforts are required to create different products based on SNS.

Therefore, many companies and the SNS industries formed an alliance to gain a foothold in the new products market and expand service into various areas. For example, Alibaba intends to enhance its brand image through SNS platform.

For instance, the company publishes some brand information on Microblogs and builds relationship with its customers. It has an important section where it publishes recent events and new products information. Due to the large number of users, it is easier and more efficient to get potential sales leads for marketing.

The use of Social Networking Service has a variety of benefits for entrepreneurs as well as consumers. In the first place, Social network information can be low-cost. The SNS companies have the relationship with consumers.

The links helping companies selling products and services are much cheaper than those of the other source of sales. Since businesses operate globally, social networks can make it easier to keep in touch with contacts around the world.

As Internet becomes a trend for business, the Social Networking Service has a huge influence on the potential customers. Take the Procter & Gamble (P&G) as an example. P&G spends millions of dollars to post its newest products on the corner of the Facebook every year.

Recently, the mobile device boom pushes the Social Networking Service to its peak. In order to promote the sales, companies should also take advantage of all the SNS platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and MySpace. Companies should learn to analyze promotion methods.

The statistics will give you the first analysis of the role under this promotion method, the method is a good time for us but not the method, before using this method requires a general analysis. Find the appropriate platform for the future, need to find their corresponding groups, direct users to their own body set out to promote this process in the future will be a lot easier.

Besides, promoting the use of platform applications is important. SNS platform is a lot of internal applications; try to add company’s own advertising messages. Interaction between users is the most important thing for it can improve the relationship between companies and users

The importance of Social networking services on the Internet’s development is obvious. SNS services have a wide user community and SNS platform is no shortage of successful marketing case, and if you can make right use of SNS platforms to promote, you can create a perfect marketing case.