Recently I went to the north in order to looking for the white world. And I really fall in love with the snow. At that place, at that time, the whole world was covered by a white blanket. The feeling was beyong description. Here I collected some terms about snow, in hope of sharing my joys.

打雪仗 have snowball fights

堆雪人 make snowmen

暴风雪 blizzard

大雪纷飞的 snowswept

雪原,雪野 snowfield

雪山 snow capped mountain

雪橇 sledge; sleigh

雪盲的 snow blind

雪花 snowflakes

暴风雪,雪暴 snowstorm

雪崩 snowslide; snowslip

雪堆 snow drift

雪球 snowball

雪景 snowscape

吹雪机 snowblower

防滑雪鞋 snowshoe

雪亮 bright as snow

雪上加霜 snow plus frost; one disaster after another

雪蚀 nivation; snow patch erosion

雪兔 snow hare
雪线 [地] snow line

雪冤 clear sb. of a false charge

雪原 snowfield

雪杖[体] skipole; skistick

雪中送炭 send charcoal in snowy weather; provide timely help

The below are some sentences which describe the heavy snow.

It is snowing in large flakes;

a big snowfall;

It is snowing heavily;

It is snowing thick and fast;

Snowflakes flutter about;

The snow falls in soft flakes.

There are a few terms that refer to the snowing. And I want to give some explaination to three of them.

The term snow storm can describe a heavy snowfall.

A blizzard involves snow and wind, obscuring visibility.

Snow shower is a term for an intermittent snowfall.

flurry is used for very light, brief snowfalls.