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Sinhala/Sinhalese, belongs to the Indo-Aryan group of the Indo-European language family. It is the language used by Singhalese people in Sri Lanka and also the main official language in Sri Lanka. There are more than 13,000,000 people, mostly living in Sri Lanka, speaking this language, accounting for 0.3% of the world population. Moreover, there are also people living in the Emirates, Canada, Maldives, Singapore and Thailand speaks Sinhala. There are big difference between oral Sinhala and written Sinhala.

Need for Sinhala Translations

According to the above statistics, there are millions of people around the world who use Sinhala. If it just happens that you want to expand your business in these countries, such as building a factory, selling new products, training local employees and so on, you must use the local language to support you in making all these matters go smoothly and without communication obstacles and to maximize your global strategy.

Translation Company with One-stop Service

As a professional translation company with a long history, CCJK is committed to providing you with the highest quality Sinhala translations at competitive prices and with timely delivery. We have full quality control procedures and below are our advantages:

1) Reliable Sinhala translators

We have resource experts who are mainly in charge of recruiting, selecting and evaluating Sinhala translators. After several years’ effort, we got many reliable, experienced Sinhala translators, who are all native and active, so that we can reach them on line whenever you need Sinhala translations.

2) Experienced, professional project managers, dedicated to your work, who will make sure you get the right translation, adapted to meet the local culture and custom.

3) We only assign specialist documents to those translators who have proven experience with the required area of expertise.

4) We strictly follow your instructions, always!

5) We create glossaries, project guidelines and checklists; these assets will help to keep your translations consistent and in the same style.

Stringent TEP flow implemented

T: native Sinhala translators with relevant background related to the document to do the translation process

E: senior editors to edit the files to ensure correct and accurate translations

P: proofreader to proofread the file to ensure elimination of any low-grade errors, such as misspelling, typos, missing translations, and also format issues.

Sinhala Translation Confidentiality

All Sinhala translators respect commercial confidentiality and sign a nondisclosure agreement with us. We take confidentiality and security issues very seriously. Please be assured that all translations remain confidential.

DTP for Sinhala translation documents

We can also handle most file types and deliver ready-to print files for you. Below are the most commonly used DTP tools for your reference:

Microsoft Word

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe PageMaker

Adobe Photoshop

Quark Xpress

If there is any feedback from you, we will cooperate with you and your teams to make updates and modify the translation/DTP files until you are fully satisfied with the translation, no matter how long it takes and how many rounds of feedback are involved. This is our commitment to you. Our aim is to get perfect translation for you and help you to open up the “Sinhala-spoken” world!

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