Since the implement of policy of opening and reform in China, China’s economy is developing in a speed which is higher than the average of the world and even the western advanced countries. In the 21th century, China will continue emphasizing the introduction of foreign capital, of international talents and of technology. At the same time, China will focus on let the world know China and go to the world.

During these process of comunication, translation as a historic traditional indutry has a very important role in national economical development. In this current era, translation has become a hot industry in the world, especially after China entered into WTO when there have being development in translation industry.

Taking simplified Chinese translation services as example,according to the analysis and stastics, the scientific information will increase greatly as the advancement of scientific industry. At least, this is the case in the first part of 21th century. Our translators, especially English-Chinese translators, will face up with a large amount of documents of science and culture.

In China, the number of translation agency and translator increases in recent years.According to the data of Translators Association of China, there are about 3,000 registered translation agencies in China. Type and mode of services diverse increasingly, including human translation , machine translation , translation software and website localization and etc. Team building are increasingly valued and there are almost 500,000 people engaging in translation industry. They are translators of retired national ministries, returned overseas Chinese , students and foreign language professionals.

Our Company CCJK has been providing translations of simplified Chinese to organizations from around the world. we have well educated and highly disciplined linguistic professionals in all fields of industries. After nine years of growth and development, our company has formed its strict business process has become a leader in the localization industry for all languages.

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. We uphold the principle of gaining the trust of clients through engrossed dedication, continued pursuit of perfectionism, synergetic endeavor, real-time response to the clients specific requirements and, most important of all, delivering of the best quality.

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